Check this 3D map for GTA V

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Gameranx has an article up this morning with a 3D map of the entire of Los Santos that has been developed by possibly the biggest GTA fan on the planet. Unfortunately they haven’t left their name anywhere so I can’t give them the credit which they so thoroughly deserve.

You have to wait for it to load and then you can zoom in by scrolling on the mouse and dragging the map around.

The size of the map and the effort that has been put into recreating the GTA V map is quite incredible. I can’t wait to drive around that little town in the middle next to the lake… I really hope we get to throw someone in there.

Unbelievably GTA V’s release is now just around the corner so if you haven’t put down your pre-order yet I suggest now being a good time to do that by clicking here and choosing your favourite option.

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