COD5 to have attack dogs and other (less important) stuff

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Call of Duty 5

I was reading an article on ThatVideoGameBlog about how GamePro is reporting that COD5 is going to be the best COD ever and plays better than COD4.

While contemplating how true that was, since I was now reading it 3rd hand and reporting on it 4th hand, I also noticed that one of the new weapons in COD5 is going to be attack dogs.

However the attack dogs are actually going to be a multi-player reward for killing a certain amount of people in a row… you know instead of calling in an air strike I will be able to set fluffy on you. Which is a much cooler thing to do.

Another nice addition are Tanks, though I don’t think they are going to be available in the multi-player side of things.


COD5 is being built on the same engine as COD4 and by all accounts sounds like it will be a worthy successor to COD4

Last Updated: September 5, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Banana hammock

    Man, dogs are cool and all but they relly need to add a couple of vehicles to the multiplayer side of things.

    I can only take so much run-and-gun action. I also hope that they get the online lobby system working properly right at the beginning. COD4 was so crap at that initially and the lag is/was a disaster.

  • Lupus

    What surprised me on CoD4 was that they didn’t have vehicles, as you you had tanks, Jeeps and those silly bikes with the side car in CoD3

  • I’m not so sure about that. the XBOX version was tight! didn’t have many hiccups at all…

    koldFU5iONs last blog post..4 answer count down(Armored Core 4)

  • And the PC version was even better 😉

    Werners last blog post..Midnight Club Los Angeles – Garage Video

  • bokka1

    i am looking forward to this one. There has not been that overly hyped feeling about this game as everyone were disappointed that it is going back to WWII.

  • Banana hammock

    Really? No LAAAAAAAAAAG? No waiting in the lobby for 15 minutes every time you wanted a game? Did the XboX version have a server list?

  • spargish

    the maps were alot smaller than COD3 and had alot more indoor action i dont think vehicles were needed or would have fitted in the levels never mind them being effective 😆

  • spargish

    Im really excited they are going back to WWII , i liked how COD2 and t3 had a certain amount of historical fact in the game , i thought COD4 missed that. I would love to see them eventually going to vietnam 😈

  • Rudolph

    Didn’t have any lag, but the waiting for hours in the lobby thing was quite bad :/ didn’t have a server list either

  • Macethy

    I’m kind of looking forward to this,haven’t played COD4 cause I’m
    not going to pay R600 for a game that lasts +/- 6 hours on hard and
    I don’t play on Xbox live.Wish Musica and Incredible Connection would
    put games on sale that people ACTUALLY WANTED! 👿

  • nope

    why WW2 WHY 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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