Codemasters talks about their upcoming F1 Game

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Codemasters have come out and given us a very sketchy outline of their upcoming Formula 1 game.

According to Alex Bertie, Marketing Vice President of Codemasters

“Our vision for F1 is about making it exciting again as a video game property. We can’t talk about how we will do that yet, but we have big plans that will not just be one huge game later this year, but a phased approach over a number of years.”

So unfortunately this means we are not getting a game in time for this years F1 season and by the sound of it next years version isn’t going to be as good as we wanted it to be

Hopefully though when the full game does land it lives up to the hopes of all us F1 fans on all the platforms out there.

Source: MCVUK

Last Updated: March 4, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I trust codemasters to bring an exhilirating experience on the F1 platform, just as they did with GRID!

  • Atomic

    if that’s the case, the game will be pretty, but the physics will be sh!t. Codemasters have the worst physics engine in the world (ever) – Both Dirt and GRid provided the worst 20 minutes racing I’ve ever experienced before I got rid of them.

  • Fox1

    I found Sega Rally to be fun.

  • Fox1

    It would be difficult to get a game in time for this years season because the cars have many changes this year.

  • RogueOne

    To be honest I think this is going to be ‘arcade’ style, so I will probably like it for 5 minutes and then put Race Pro back in the console.

    I like GRID by codemasters, but not as a serious racer, and i take F1 seriously, so I would really like it to be a sim.

    The best F1 game I played is by Studioliverpool, and that still was not a sim racer.

    I will get though….its F1 afterall.

  • Atomic

    it was quite fun.. frustrating though as you had to drive the perfect line all the time, and even that physics was better than dirt.

  • I am a huge F1 sim fan and I must say that after grid and dirt, I am a little worried. While I did enjoy them, it’s true what was said above about their physics, just plain terrible when compared to other racing titles, they have the feeling dialed, they just need to get the physics back to the awesome days of Toca 1 and 2 (not the race driver series even).

    I must say that the F3000’s in Grid did feel pretty decent, so that gave me some hope as well, I just really want Codemasters to do a good job and stop messing us around with their terrible driving physics.

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