Confirmed: GTA IV DLC Unblocked

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Happy days everyone.

Thanks to one of our readers, Gnarkill, who posted up proof on the Xbox-360 forums that the GTA IV DLC is indeed working locally.

While we aren’t exactly sure why the DLC isn’t working, I highly doubt that Microsoft read about it somewhere and then decided to unblock it just to be nice. Maybe it was a muddle up or maybe it was just an error, what I do know is that it’s probably not going to be available forever.

So, if you are one of the people who really wanted to get your hands on this DLC, get a move on, you have a long download ahead of you.

[ Thanks again to Gnarkill for sharing the good news and the pics with the world]

Last Updated: February 17, 2009

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  • scratchy

    I just jizzed a little

  • BHW

    Is that because of the DLC being unblocked or because of the full frontal male nudity :blink:

  • scratchy

    it might be a combination of both

  • DarkOcean

    Just maybe a little birdie whispered to Rockstar. Wink Wink

  • ScurvyJimbeam

    This is good news!
    However the problem with this is we end up paying more than R100 extra just in bandwidth cost to download.

    *sigh* *one day*…. yes…. *one day*

  • Most likely the problem was IP filtering like usual. Its not supposed to be available in Japan yet.

  • Altman

    My TV made it on to the internet and Dark if you had anything to with this then thank you,kind sir.

    aka Gnarkill

  • And such a pretty TV it is :)..

    Sinotec is really doing well in the local market…Maybe we should put together a feature with everyone’s TV’s…

  • WitWolfyZA

    you know we guy usaully complain about not having live locally, and seeing that that isnt gonna happen anytime soon. Why dont we just start a petition or something, stating that SA IPs be recognized when downloading the stuff we cant get?

  • gamers will never be happy

  • theturk

    Is this available for silver accounts as well?

  • it should be there’s no reason for it not to be

  • theturk

    Sweet, this may be the final push that persuades me to get ADSL!

  • Nduimiso

    yes it is, i started downloading it this afternoon

  • Can I take part of your post to my blog?really like this,mate

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