Craig Nicholson is the first Xbox MVP in Africa

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A huge congratulations to Craig Nicholson who has become the first Microsoft MVP for Xbox in Africa.

As many of the people in the gaming community know, Craig has always been around doing his best to help out anyone with a problem and really pushing the Xbox cause in South Africa.

Becoming an Xbox MVP is no small feat and it takes a lot of dedication and a third party nomination before even being considered. Very few people are ever chosen.

Hopefully this will also go a way to helping us get recognised as a true Xbox 360 territory with all the benefits that come with that.

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Last Updated: January 3, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • doobiwan

    Awesome! Well done dude that’s fantastic!

    Now sort out Live! damn it. 😉

  • Burns ZA

    Yeah well done Craig!
    Can someone go into some more detail as to how this happened? What exactly does CraigN do? Etc.

  • doobiwan

    An MVP award is a peer award given by Microsoft to those who excel in a particular field, whether it be technically, from a community building standpoint or whatever. Typically it’s bestowed on specialists in a particular field, like Windows development, SQL server, ASP.NET, C# etc etc.

    There’s no “way of earning it”, you have to be nominated by another MVP, then the panel decides whether you should be recognised.

  • @doobiwan: Thanks. You’ll be surprised how many people have asked me about Xbox LIVE for South Africa in the last few days. 😛

    @Burns ZA: Thanks. What do I do? Eish, now that would be telling. 😉

  • LazySAGamer

    Well done Craig…. now about this Live thing.. (oh has someone mentioned that already?)

  • j4nr1k

    Congrats mate.

  • ManesanZA

    Nice one Craig, well done


    Well done , I think its hight time that someone in SA is recogised anyway …What about XBOX LIVE??

    That should be nr 1 on the priority list ,…please!!


    Craig you said a lot of people asked you about Live ….you need to bring it under their attention we need someone like you to talk to these guys to realise we need Support / server / live acces at a SA price …Please help us out.

  • Frank

    craig i would just like to say gongrats and please try to sort this xbox live problem out as soon as possible

  • I had the honor of meeting Craig at the MVP Summit in April of 2008. He’s a great guy and a great addition to the MVP program! 🙂

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