CryEngine 3 – PS3 vs Xbox 360 Comparison shots

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One of the major stories that came out of this years GDC was the announcement that the CryEngine was on it’s way to a console near you.

But the burning question in every fanboys heart is which console is going to be able to handle the power of the CryEngine the best?

Well Eurogamer Portugal has posted  up two screenshots from each of the consoles and we have overlayed them on top of each other to really see which one wins.

From my perspective the PS3 seems to have the better draw distance but when we get up close and personal the 360 seems to take the lead in the lighting and textures department.

Granted right now we can’t really judge to harshly but I predict an epic battle when the first cross platform CryEngine title is released.


Just hover over the images to see it’s counterpart

Last Updated: March 26, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

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  • Q121

    I hate to admit it, but the image looks much crisper on the PS3

  • easy

    i disagree, it looks like the ps3 has better lighting.
    but i do think the 360 softens the harshness of the ps3, ending up looking slightly more realistic.
    like you said, too early to tell and at any rate they both look pretty damn good.

  • janrik

    Looks great. Prefer the softer Xbox look to the PS one.

    Both pretty though.

  • 0rk0

    Too early, but based on your pics, the PS3 looks like it has more colour and sharper.
    The 360 version seems washed out and grey.

    In the second pic the 360 view is also closer and still it can’t manage the drawing distance.
    The grass in the PS3 shot, which is nearby, looks to be better detailed as well.

    But in the end it’s the overall gameplay that matters.

  • Q121

    mmmmm I have now looked and compared the images too many times and my eyes hurt, but i see what you are saying… :pirate:

  • spl0it

    Noods!, on the first pic the xbox looks much better

  • Rap7a

    Need more comparisons for an accurate answer. With just this image, I’m leaning towards the PS3

  • Rap7a

    Slow browser is slow πŸ™ (sorry for the double post)
    After noticing the first image appeared, the 360 looks better. In the second image, the ps3 looks better

  • Q121

    I never saw any noods….. what did I miss???? :pirate:

  • kab123

    As long as they don’t use this to make another tropical island game… I’m happy.

  • Scotty777

    seems like indoors xbox>ps3; outdoors ps3>xbox

    I like the draw distance of the ps3, and the grass/tree’s just looks better on the ps3… indoors, the ps3 looks a little weird IMO

  • i watched the HD vids on gametrailers. I think PS3 has an edge so far. But console comparisions aside. Not sure if i like this engine (or what was demo’d anyway). Is it just me or does it not look all that impressive (when compared to FC2 anyway)

  • nevermind, that wasn’t the full vid. Forest scenes are amazing.

  • I think both images look pretty much the same, but the extra draw distance on the PS3 does make a difference

  • Banana Hammock

    Well the developers of the CE3 have said it will run slightly better on the PS3, but i’m guessing it’ll be so slight that it won’t make any difference, like 90% of all these silly comparisons.

  • PaasHaas

    They need to make a Predator game… or a new AvP using this engine.

    Screw crysis


    well, first off the cry engine has a dynamic weather cycle so draw distance, sharpness all depends on the lighting and clarity provided by the weather cycle. but spec wise the graphics card in the 360 can run 128 pipelines, where the ps3 is something like 98.

  • Lydon

    The Xbox wins in the first pic, the PS3 in the second in my opinion.

  • greg

    The ps3 ver. definately have the avdantage in the draw distance department. The mountains in the jungle stage has alot more detail than the 360 ver. The colors in the alley pics seems to favor the 360 more, it looks kinda cartoony on the ps3 ver. Aso in the same alley pics where the light at the far back wall is, it realisticly reflects on the ground on the 360 ver. of the demo. It realisticly fades bright to dark. The ps3 version looks really cheap and dosen’t fade at all. It just look like a square on the ground. I’m starting to think the ps3 has a problem doing realistic lighting affects(ea’s Dead Space for example).

  • Styves27

    I realize it’s a long time later, but I want to point out something in the first pic.

    The PS3 version has shadow casting enabled for that light source. What I mean is that there are actually 2 lights there, one casting the “soft” light on both versions, and a second one on the PS3 version casting shadows on the objects below, which is why the light seems to have a hard edge. Just look at the boxes. πŸ˜‰

    The red light also seems to be missing in the 360 version, for whatever reason that might be.

  • Matt

    Hmmm, the draw distance is slightly better on the PS3, but the shading effects are better on the xbox…either way, the differences are so small that we wont notice them while we playing the game! Both consoles look amazing i must admit…we should all be happy πŸ˜€

  • Rick

    PS3 looks better outdoors, 360 looks better indoors. However, the PS3 has more detail and more lighting.

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