The Dark Zone evolves once you hit the level cap in The Division

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Every big open world game has a similar problem. For all the side activities and random encounters that they try to throw at you, there’s a typical malaise that sets in once you’ve reached the ceiling for character development and progress. That tedious feeling of going through the motions, and finding little motivation to keep on chipping away at the world around you.

That’s a problem that The Division will have to face eventually, once the ol’ level-cap settles in and all of New York City has been explored. But the developers behind The Division are well aware of this endgame hurdle. Speaking to Mashable, Creative Director Magnus Jansen said that a slow roll-out of end-game content will help keep The Division alive, as will the Dark Zone changes that occur when you ding the level 30 cap on your character.

“Once you hit level 30, the max level, we create a new instance of it, so players will be entering into this all new repopulated Dark Zone basically,” Jansen said.

There’s also PvE endgame and goals and challenges. Things for you and your group to aspire to. Difficult things that you really want to set your sights on and accomplish.

We’re slowly going to be rolling [endgame] out for free in the beginning. We will sell more stuff for you to do in the game in the form of [DLC], but there won’t be a pay-to-win or a pay-to-get-better-gear or pay-to-get-more-Dark-Zone-credit.

So while there won’t be any pay-to-win items for sale in The Division, cosmetic items to tailor your agent with will be plentiful. And that’s something that I can live with. If you missed out on the initial beta weekend, don’t delete your game client just yet for The Division as there’s some rumour-mongering doing the rounds of a second beta being available in the middle of the month.

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Until then however, you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer to randomly shoot strangers in the back when you’re in the middle of a Dark Zone. Or if you’re playing when the US gamers are normally asleep, that itch to team up with unfamiliar faces in a Dark Zone will need to be put on hold until the March 8 release.

Last Updated: February 8, 2016

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  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    I’ve been conditioned to believe online games Evolving is a bad thing.

    • Commander Admiral Chief

      Except Warframe

      • I think he was taking a wack at Evolve xD…

        But anyway. #Warframederailingcomments imminent

        • Jan Prins

          Wot is this Warframe? is that the space sim cleverly disguised as an Excel Spreadsheet?

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          I know, hehehe, #Don’tCareDerailingAnyway

      • Hammersteyn
        • Commander Admiral Chief

          Patrick does remind me of you…

    • I see what you did there…

    • HvR

      But how else do they reach their final Destiny

  • Hammersteyn

    There’s also PvE endgame and goals and challenges. Things for you and
    your group to aspire to. Difficult things that you really want to set
    your sights on and accomplish. – Just like Destiny

    • AfricanTime

      “Just like Destiny” , Nee f*k.

  • DLC!

  • And that is why I am not interested in buying this game.

    • Commander Admiral Chief

      Mehrk zone?

  • HairyEwok

    So what they’re telling me is that the DLC they will be releasing will not have new equipment that will be exclusive to it?… This is Ubisoft saying this.. UBISOFT.

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