Rumour: Dead Rising 2 on it's way, to all three consoles.

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Capcom have confirmed that the sequel to the Xbox 360 zombie basher ( and now Wii as well) will be coming to all three consoles this year.

This comes after Capcom announced that 2009 will be the year of the multiplatform in the latest issue of the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. So then, even more zombie bashing fun.

While the first title which originally only released on Xbox 360 and was then also moved onto the Wii, a Playstation 3 version was never developed. The sequel now moves away from being an exclusive, however in an attempt to keep their Xbox 360 fans happy they have promised something special that will be exclusive only to the Xbox 360 version.

This is great news, I am always happy to hear that a title has gone multiplatform, it only means that more of us get access to even more games, and that can’t be a bad thing.

[Update: After a brief discussion with our writer, Geoff, as well as some more research into the matter, we are actually starting to believe that PS3 Center is either making this up, or some information was not translated properly. So take this as a rumour instead.]

Source: PS3 Center

Last Updated: January 28, 2009

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  • Syph1n

    So the game will be coming and going at the same time?

    Wow, thats impressive. :tongue:

  • RivaZA

    I am now very disappointed. Capcom cares not for the 360 gamers that put them where they are today, no they only care for money. Bringing it to the PS3 is like Capcom is extending it’s middle finger at me and all 360 owners.
    We have been forsaken and deserted fellow 360 comrades, a sad day indeed.

    Not the 360 version will not be able reach it’s full potential because it will have to keep parity with the PS3 version(so they don’t get all depressed that they backed the wrong system).

    I for one will not buy this game and I implore all 360 owners to do the same.

    Capcom, bah! More like Capcon.

  • dewej

    what makes this game different to all the other zombie games out there? :blink:

  • *lol* I suspect you’re being silly, mocking the people that decry developers when their favourite games move to other systems – as happened with FFXIII.

    That said, I have no doubt that should it be a multiplatform game, it’ll be excellent on either console. Capcom have been using their MT framework for long enough now that they’re more than capable of porting their games to either system.

  • dewej

    but will it be more fun than left 4 dead or resident evil 5?

  • darthdad

    lol, it’s hurting isn’t it? πŸ™

  • Considering the laughs I had with the first one, I’m sure it’ll be just as fun.

  • Wolfy

    It will go multi platform. I dont mind Capcom is a 3rd game party creator anyways πŸ™‚ the more people that play they’re awesome games the better. Thats my opinion

  • RivaZA

    You are correct. I was trying to sound like a PS3 fanboy. I don’t really care which system it comes too or if it is multi platform, I have both.

  • Wolfy

    resident evil 5 is wicked i downloaded the demo last night freaky shit brotha

  • Wolfy

    i never finished the first one but you bash zombies with materials that just happends to be laying on the floor close to you

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