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Dead Rising 3’s co-op partner and first psycho revealed

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Dead Rising 3 (3)

I’ve only heard good things about Dead Rising 3 so far. Geoff was positively giddy after getting his hands on it at E3, and the game looks pretty damn good on the Xbox One so far. It’s you versus a horde of Paul McCartney’s biggest nightmare. But at least you’ll have some along for the ride.

While players will be braving the streets as Nick Ramos in Los perdidos, they can also be joined by trucker Dick for some co-op. He’ll be the comic relief to Nick’s straight man act, and together players can go into missions that they’ve yet to start and complete them together.

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Psychopaths will also be returning according to producer Mike Jones. There’ll be seven in total, each reflecting one of the deadly sins: Greed, gluttony, pride, lust, envy, sloth and vanity.

“The story behind the psychos is that they are survivors who have gone crazy in this outbreak, for whatever reason," senior producer Jason Leigh said to OXM.

Their darkest monster is now allowed to come out. Since they are all modelled after the seven deadly sins, they tie in thematically together. I can’t tell you how difficult it was to come up with Sloth.

Here’s your first look at Greed, a chain-smoking surgeon that will most likely force you to seek a second opinion. Far, far away.

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  • Admiral Chief of Rivia

    Wait, I thought YOU were at E3?

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      They didn’t let him touch.

    • We had different appointments; we didnt all go see the same things, or wed never get anything done.

      • Jonah Cash

        So you got the cool zombie game and he got what? My little pony????

  • Admiral Chief of Rivia

    Game looks awesome!

  • Trollus Slayerus

    Sure looks and sounds better than Infamous Second Emo Son XD

    • Jonah Cash

      Hey look everyone the troll slayer has gone Greek!!!

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        I didn’t know people eat Wallabies.

        • RincemySniperKittEH0-O

          Gingers do. But then we also eat souls…

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            I said people. ;P

          • RincemySniperKittEH0-O

            We were once people, we just evolved faster!

  • Umar Final Fantasy 15 Hopeful

    Nick and Dick…..catchy

  • RincemySniperKittEH0-O

    So excited about this game. But going to be a long wait I fear…

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