Deadly wildlife is your greatest weapon in Far Cry Primal

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Far Cry Primal's wildlife is its greatest weapon

Far Cry Primal isn’t a spin-off like Blood Dragon was to Far Cry 3, and Ubisoft is now in full swing trying to convince you even more of that. It’s a fully fledged sequel in the expansive series, trading mechanical guns with gun powder for rocks in slings, rock clubs and…well there were always bows and arrows so that’s cheating a little. Far Cry Primal is a familiar game, but it’s different in some big ways too.

That’s now more evident in a new trailer for the soon to be released title, which shows off some of the devastating weaponry you’ll have access to as Beastmaster Takkar. Everything from roughly crafted shivs to deadly accurate spears are on show here, with the best parts of Takkar’s arsenal coming in the form of the wildlife around him.

Sure you could sneak your way through camps and attempt to slit all your enemies throats in the dead of the night, but where’s the fun in that. Why not ride into battle on the back of a ferocious Mammoth, or send in a stealthy puma to deal with pesky patrols. Better yet, set that nearby grizzly bear alight and just watch as it wrecks havoc on the settlement nearby. Wildlife is Far Cry Primal’s biggest weapon, and it’s what sets it apart from the games you’ve already played before.

Other than that its still Far Cry through and through. You’ll unlock settlements as you wrestle back control of them, using all sorts of resources to craft weapons, camp structures and more. Use a pet owl to scout out camps and mark enemies, and even take on mad cults that are intent on killing anything else with a heartbeat. So standard Far Cry fare.

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And that’s great too, but the franchise has yet to really falter when it comes to providing high octane fun. Primal looks no different, and it’s out at the end of this month on Xbox One and PS4. It’s out on PC a few weeks later.

Last Updated: February 10, 2016

Alessandro Barbosa

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  • Umar

    I really do appreciate Ubi trying to spice up Far Cry…but this game looks incredibly boring.

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    If it’s standard Far Cry fair surely it’s Familiar Cry?

    • You shut up!

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        Yet another familiar cry. ;P

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    Ubisoft could have easily made this into a Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear game. The weird thing is given how every Far Cry game works, Ayla could easily fit into the Far Cry universe.

    • Commander Admiral Chief
      • Alien Emperor Trevor

    • Captain JJ ‘saurus

      The FarCry series needs to follow the whole legendary creature thing.
      I liked the Yeti idea. Why not make that a hook? Put some legendary thing in each game?

    • miaau

      Yes. I read that when very young. Sex scenes…….. my little 8 (or thereabouts, not yet 10 anyway) year old self was a bit freaked. My mother was not impressed when she caught me reading it, but by that time I was half way through Valley of the Horses (sequel) already.

  • Jac7

    This good. But where dinosaur?

    • Hammersteyn

      Dinosaur dead. Big rock from sky kill all.

      • Jac7

        I has a sad.

      • Captain JJ ‘saurus


  • HvR

    Far Cry: Gun Free Edition

  • Sooooo, Farcry 4.5?

  • Captain JJ ‘saurus

    I’m a bit disappointed that FarCry4 wasn’t added to the Humble Bundle…now I’m eyeing it on Steam….but so far just thinking of using Uplay is already keeping my wallet safe

    • Mossel

      For what it’s worth, I had no issues with uPlay with regards to FC4.

      • Captain JJ ‘saurus

        I have honestly not have any Uplay issues in a while (besides connectivity issues with online games).
        I just don’t like most of what Ubisoft is doing (FacrCry and The Crew aside).
        Will probably get it though 😀

  • Dane

    I feel like there is a lack in anticipation for the depth of characters/NPCs. Far Cry 3 boasted some really incredible telltales of local folk such as Vaas, Far Cry 4 tried and didn’t quite live up to it’s predecessor. I think that, in large part, was due to how well they pulled it off in FC3. Which is why I’m looking forward to getting to know the world more than manipulating it as the game intends. Whatcha’ say?

  • HvR

    Wonder how long before bleeding heart liberal anti-hunting vegan brigade turns their attention and social media outrage machine on games like these.

  • Vernon Jonker

    tried taming a lion at the lion park it didn’t work LOL

    • Commander Admiral Chief


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