Dear AceyBongos . . . – A plea from Doobiwan

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I was trolling the Internet as usual and came across a new plea from our Xbox friend in the corner Doobiwan.

He has written an impassioned plea to AceyBongos to help us poor South Africans in getting some Xbox Live loving…

Why are you guys being so mean to us South Africans? We just want to play like everyone else. All we want is a little bit of Live! love too. It was promised at launch and it’s advertised pretty heavily on the box so people have been expecting it and are growing a bit impatient. We’ve pleaded, we’ve petitioned, it was even repromised. Now your dear cohort Stefan Lampinen has turned around and told us we’re not getting it. People are pizzled to put it lightly. Guys are threatening to sell their 360’s because ironically PSN is supported here.

It’s nice to see that people are not giving up on us getting Xbox Live yet and I for one cannot understand how we can’t just be given virtual Live status. Just bill us in Rands and let us get on with it. Yeah it would be nice to get local servers but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Agree that South Africa is a country that can access live and leave it at that.

For the full humorous plea follow the link and remember if you ever meet someone who works for Microsoft don’t forget to ask about Live. It’s your civic duty.

Gamer ZA: Dear AceyBongos . . .

Last Updated: January 17, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Messiah

    I really do hope SA see the Live.

    Do you think this will hinder Xbox in this country? 🙂

  • Depends really, if it is a gamer with broadband, yes. Otherwise if the gamer lacks broadband, no.

  • washer

    oh booo hooo cry me a frikkin river. u not getting it doobipoo, just deal with it. consider it payback for being such an arrogant **** on myadsl. the mere fact that you guys even put up with this bull, means you are SUCKERS!


    kind regards,
    Warren Asher.

  • doobiwan

    rofl @ wet lappie fanboy.

    If you actually read the whole thing you’ll see there’s actually very little wrong with Live! in SA. In fact even as a paid ‘pirate’ service it still kicks the poodles out of PSN. the 4:1 user ratio is a bit of a giver there, so just suck it up.

    All I really asked for was to stop the confusion and give us an easy way of giving folks who are more sceptical about the service reassurance by providing a degree of local support. As the only other “English EU” region it’d make a lot of sense to just roll us up, much like Africa is rolled into EMEA.

  • doobiwan

    Oh, and Lazy you missed the intro, it’s the best part! 😉

  • j4nr1k

    Big up Doobi!

  • LazySAGamer

    @Doobiwan, I was hoping to entice people to click the link and read the entire thing. I thought it was all very good 😛

  • Roto

    Doobi, please stop irritating the poor little baby fanboys like ol washer. The country will run out of tissues too quickly!!

    But back to topic. Well running post. Have you tried to add Acey to your friends list or maybe send him a message via XBL?

  • doobiwan

    Good idea Roto

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