Death Tank (Scorched Earth) is looking cool

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Brett posted yesterday about the upcoming Death Tank, or scorched Earth to us older folk.

Well it got me intrigued so I went on a mission to find out more about it and stumbled across this video.

I can’t decide if I am excited about this game or worried that it’s going to be a complete failure. I devoted many many hours of my life to Scorched Earth and would love to re-enact some of that now.

However one of the main things in scorched earth was its turn based gameplay and by the look of this trailer that has been thrown out the window… which means it’s just going to be based on who can react the fastest.. or who suffers the least lag.

Let’s hope the turn based option still exists as there are a few of my fellow gamers who I wouldn’t mind dropping a nuclear bomb on…

Last Updated: September 3, 2008

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • If it’s not turn-based then it means the amount of weaponry will be limited… you can’t realistically have as many weapon variations as you had with Scorched Earth, otherwise you’ll just get way to confused cycling through them all and then needing to react to incoming fire.

    At least I don’t think my multitasking capabilities will be up for it 😀

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  • that looks AWESOME!

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  • Bboy

    Really keen on arcade games now after getting Castle Crashers, so awesome for playing with buds on same screen

  • Vamp

    Turn-based combat was the whole point behind these type of
    games. I hope they keep it like that.

  • I loved scorched earth so very much! I hope that they have a “classic” mode in this game that plays the same although the new gameplay does actually look liek a lot of fun.

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