Destiny 2 teaser video starring Cayde-6 released, full trailer arrives on March 30

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When Destiny first kicked off in 2014, the universe was a dark place. Not just because dark-suckers (I think normal people refer to them as light bulbs) across the universe had been busted as the mighty Darkness swept across our solar system, but also with humanity ending its golden age of discovery and enlightment in an event that would come to be known as the Collapse.

Man, it really sucked to be a formerly deceased human who was resurrected by a sentient floating Dinklebot to fight back against the infinite hordes of the Fallen, Hive and Vex. Around the release of The Taken King however, Destiny found its groove. Even better, it found a spark that made the game realise that it didn’t have to be serious all the time.

Sure, having an extinction event in the form of Oryx and his Taken legions rock up on our cosmic doorstop may have resulted in a more somber tone, but Destiny realised that it was alright to have a chuckle. Even at itself. The best example of this? Cayde-6, an Exo voiced by actor Nathan Fillion and who pretty much happens to be the heart and soul of the first game. And the sequel, if this first teaser is anything to go by:

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If you can’t watch the trailer above, here’s the relevant bit of info: The full trailer will be out on March 30 at 10AM PT in the US of A. Or on this side of the globe, a very not-late time of 19:00PM CAT. I can dig that. You need that levity in Destiny, that flippant charm that Cayde represents. The Solar System of the franchise happens to be a large place to explore, filled with unspeakable horrors and threats to humanity. Sometimes having a chuckle at the ludicrous nature of all of this, is the right response to have.

Destiny 2 kicks off this September.

Last Updated: March 29, 2017

Darryn Bonthuys

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  • MonsterCheddar

    Cayde is kak funny. Even in game.

    This teaser made me LOL.

  • It better drop on PC very soon after PS4 or the PC mustard race will come out in me xD

    • MonsterCheddar

      I started playing Destiny about 2 years after it was released and I was soooo behind. Now I can start playing with everyone else and know what they are on about and not have to sukkel to understand WTF s going on.

      Still thought it was an epic game even if I didn’t get into it. Plus I was busy with your favourite game at the time……that awesome RPG shooter? starts with a The D….

      • tl;dr

        • MonsterCheddar

          Damn you ponyboy!!!!! 😛

  • Cayde is my favorite character in the game to be honest. (Nathan Fillion crush #NoHomo)

    I’ve watched that trailer like 20 times already just because of Cayde. He better be a main character in D2.

  • Francois Knoetze

    Please let this be awesome…please let this be awesome…”holds a jar of thumbs”

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