Diablo “Theoretical Possibility” on the console

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Has anyone else noticed that the Internet has not gotten very excited abotu Diablo 3? I thought it was just me but it appears that a lot of people are also not as excited as expected about this game.

Anyway to possibly get the hype going the developers, Blizzard, have been chatting to a few people and the possibility of porting Diablo 3 onto the console has been raised a few times.

Though to be honest it doesn’t really sound like they are really planning to do it.

Would you be interested in a console version of Diablo 3?

Source: PS3Fanboy

Last Updated: July 7, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • Yes, definately, it will mean I won’t have to upgrade my PC to play it.

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  • kabraal

    Yeah, gears of war is also theoretically possible on ps3, resistance is theoretically possible on 360. Anyhow, for now, D3 is a PC exclusive. It has been confirmed by Blizzard.

    I’ve been a console gamer for the last year now. But I hope Diablo stays true to the PC. That and Starcraft 2 (as well as WoW), I want to play on the PC.

    They can port it later on if they’re inclined to do so, or they can make a console exclusive game for one of their franchises, but I’ll prefer to play D3, SC2 and WoW on the PC.

    There’s also some other logistical issues which might be a problem for Blizzard, MS and Sony regarding online play. How do you incorporate and huge free network like Bnet into Live or PSN. Theoretically it’ll be pretty straight forward yes, but the bean counters are sure to make trouble.

  • ewie

    now that motion controller for xbox with diabln. Match made in heaven

  • RivaZA

    Since I don’t have a powerful PC(XP 2600+, 6600gt) and don’t plan on upgrading anytime soon, this will definitely on my to get list if it came to the consoles.

  • pfangirl

    “Would you be interested in a console version of Diablo 3?”

    My answer is a resounding “No!” I imagine it would be absolutely horrible to control in that format.

  • Goose ZA


    If they could make the controls as easy as a mouse and keyboard then hell yes!

  • RivaZA

    I don’t see what the problem would be. Just make it control like Champions of Norrath(A PS2 game not much unlike Diablo 2).

  • kabraal

    My controller does not make clicking sounds. Playing diablo without clicking sounds will freak me out 😛

    Honestly, I’ve a lot of friend who will be playing D3 on Bnet on their PCs. If PSN and Live won’t openly connect to bnet so that I can play with them (which is 100% unlikely), I won’t bother with a console version…

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