Did Phil Fish just pose as a Fez 2 fan on 4Chan?

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The biggest news this week has quite obviously been Phil Fish taking his ball home with him. The man has had to put up with a crapton of hate from the gaming industry over the last couple of years, and combined with the fact that he can’t handle negativity, the inevitable meltdown was only one jerkass away. But has he really vanished?

Over on 4Chan, which is the one place no game developer, no matter how thick-skinned they are should ever go to, popped up a Fez 2 thread. Embiggen the image below and read through it quick.


Sounds like your usual 4Chan, right? Except look at the tweet again. It was quite clearly screen-captured from the Polytron account, as it had the admin options active below it. Now whether or not this is Fish giving 4Chan some grief, or a Polytron staffer with access to the account, I don’t know.

But seeing as how Fish has posted on 4Chan before, I’d bet good money on it, despite the thread being deleted. Or so one would think.  Because whoever posted this isn’t going to look good at the end of the day with comments like that.

The Internet ladies and gentlemen. It never forgets. Thanks to @HadleeSimons for the link.

Last Updated: July 31, 2013

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Darryn Bonthuys

Something wrong gentlemen? You come here prepared to read the words of a madman, and instead found a lunatic obsessed with comics, Batman and Raul Julia's M Bison performance in the 1994 Street Fighter movie? Fine! Keep your bio! In fact, now might be a good time to pray to it!

  • I honestly felt bad for the guy earlier this week… now I’m not so sure

    • IceH

      Same here. I loved him within the Indie Game Documentary. He was a bit of a weirdo, but one I liked. But this now – I dunno what to think atm.

    • Nick de Bruyne

      Yeah don’t feel bad for him. He is better looking than you. Also makes more money.

      • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

        Much smarter too. All round better person lol … such comments..I love the internet

        • Phil Fish’s No 1 Fan

          You’re fucking retarded, honestly
          Phil Fish is a fucking asshole and he has never proven to be different

          • Spathi

            Jou dom fok. Does the word “SARCASM” ring a bell? Man, this story has brought a shitload of inbred retards from 4chan.

          • RinceThisAndGingerSmite

            Agreed. What a chop.

          • RinceThisAndGingerSmite

            Shame man. You no understand sarcasm?

      • RinceThisAndGingerSmite


  • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

    Jeez. 4chan comments… Phil fa**ot….why would he venture into that god forsaken place

    • Spaghetti

      What’s the matter? Did people laugh at you for having a shitty opinion on 4chan?

      Awww, don’t worry, plenty of places where people circlejerk each other, try gaia, narutard.

    • Phillip poison

      he is a dick ,think he did a big game when he copied another games , he is just another indie dev

    • ARH

      Wow, you have awful taste in video games AND anime! What an accomplishment!

    • Breddy good :DDDD 5/5 claps

      A narutard, a faggot and sucks on Phils dick. How much lower can you actually get then that?

    • Mr Bojangles

      nice naruto avatar faggot. I’d insult your intelligence but your username suggests you may have autism

      • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

        Nice going, your ability to apply such wonderful use of the English language is splendid. If only it wasn’t used in some lame attempt to feed your ego and superiority complex. The anonymity of the internet is indeed a wonderful thing, it gives angry, small minded people the false sense of power.In anycase, well done 🙂 ! I hope you feel better about your pointless life, because it will never get any better than your comments

        • Admiral Chief Minion 47


        • RinceThisAndGingerSmite

          Don’t feed the loser trolls man. They’ve obvs just come from 4Chan, Gavin is going to love this! That’s it troll boys, BRING THE TRAFFIC! And let us laugh at your stupidity! HAHAHAHA

          • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

            feed them, it is the only affirmation they have that they exist, that their lives mean something in a world that has disregarded worthless trash such as themselves. Society has no place for dirt like them, so they flee to the internet where upvotes keep them warm at night

  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    Dude, if this really was him then he is being rather hypocritical. I mean, cancelling the game because someone was mean then doing the exact same thing?

    However I really hope it was just some person who had access to the Polytron account and not Phil himself. I’d like to think the guy wouldn’t have such double standards

  • Hammersteyn

    Smells Fishy

  • cfc912

    Oh no! 4chan! So dangerous! Don’t go on there guise!!!1 You will get a virus or something! Fucking fagots

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymoose

      Hello there, person from 2007! This is 2013, where no one is scared of 4chan because it’s a dusty old pre-Web 2.0 fossil. Would you believe those whining crybabies you used to make fun of are the popular ones now? Yeah, it’s like everyone just turned into Chris-chan and JDR and etc.!

      Also, we have a black president! Crazy, huh?

    • Spathi


      • RinceThisAndGingerSmite

        Don’t dude, Those whack jobs are all trolls. If you asked for their opinion while standing in front of the they’d all pee themselves 🙂

      • RinceThisAndGingerSmite

        Don’t dude, Those whack jobs are all trolls. If you asked for their opinion while standing in front of the they’d all pee themselves 🙂

  • Gustav Minnie

    The guy is a dwis. He makes shitty comments towards Japanese games and then when people give him grief about his games and he pulls it? Who is this guy trying to spite? The haters? He is showing the middle finger to the fans. Now Cliffy is trying to give this screaming toddler a candy bar?

    Fck him..

  • James Bideo

    Fuck Phil Fish. He’s been an asshole since he started. He’s an ideas guy that made pixelated sprites because he can’t do anything more and then calls himself a great game designer and tells those that criticize him for being a dick after spending 5 years on creating a horrible platformer to “suck his dick” and “choke on it”
    He could die in a pool of his own vomit and nobody significant would shed a fucking tear

    • RinceThisAndGingerSmite

      Except for you, who is posting about him?

  • we say no


    • you’re mom


      • le poopyposter face


        • le dungwallpaper fronthead

          no urs

          • lefecalbannernoseiusholderous

            wuts mine is ours xD

  • Dio

    Fuck off.

  • Alex

    Is phil fish eminem?

    • Xela

      Could Mozart still be alive?

    • lol awesome… obvious photoshop but I love it

      • RinceThisAndGingerSmite

        Gav, you better call your server and request a bit more bandwidth, you have trolls upon trolls (not sure what the measure word for that would be) here now man 🙂 Your advertisers are going to LOVE you 😉

        • Trevor Davies

          an incitement of trolls?

          • RinceThisAndGingerSmite

            Could be. But incitement is a long word. A ‘gurgle’ of trolls? Never ceases to amaze me how mean people can be when hiding behind a computer.

          • Trevor Davies

            Maybe a “gargle” – with the liquid being gargled left to user discretion.

  • Doll Finn

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  • Comfort

    Goddamn, at least steal your news from Reddit like everyone else.
    Please, please go.
    Both Lazygamer and Phil “White Whine” Trout.

    • We credited who sent us the link directly to the image… We didn’t see this on reddit until after the post was done.

  • dope_danny

    So Phil Fish: 5 year old in a 30 somethings body went online to be a douchebag?

    In other news the sun rose this morning.

  • aktorsyl

    No one noticed the latest comment? “So now I’m a worm as well, is he?”. You slipped up a bit there, Phil. Even troll posts need proofreading.

  • Someguyfromnot4chan


  • Jimmy Russell


  • Jones

    “4Chan, which is the one place no game developer, no matter how thick-skinned they are should ever go to”

    Notch owes some of his early success to posting there in ’09/’10. There’s even a “Woo, /v/!” message on the Minecraft title screen.


  • Anon

    Haha photoshop? What’s that? haha!

  • Bill Whale


    • Andy

      Best. Post. Ever.

  • the616kid

    Read the last post on 4chan though, “So now I’M a worm, is he?” That’s phil fishfucker all right.

  • Anon


    Oh wow, this guy just keeps getting better and better

  • Mr Bojangles

    Are you serial?If you want actual constructive criticisms and feedback on your titles go to 4chan. If you want a no hurt feelings hugbox go to reddit.

    yes there are shitposters, but thinking 4chan is just trolls and instantly invalidating a persons opinion because they come from 4chan is a fucking defense mechanism by shitty devs who cant handle anyone critiquing their work

    • Admiral Chief Minion 47

      Mr Bojangles? As in the burger joint???

      If so, APPROVED!

  • Sharky

    Good riddance, Phil is a self serving shitlord.

    • Admiral Chief Minion 47

      LOL @ sh!tlord

  • Derp Derpison

    Eh, I found it on reddit anyway. 😛 (Hadlee here)

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    I sense those Andy Kaufman lambchops are not just for show. I think Fish is in his man cave, cheese curls on lap, having fun at trolling the masses. I suspect Fez 2 will be back on the cards, when he’s had his Fill (pun intended), or the teary-eyed masses are crying for Fez 2.
    The real victim here is Beer, who’s being dragged through the mud, whereas for Phil Fish this is one massive PR schlong. Call me old, call me cynical, but the Banana has always stood firm in the face of PR bullshit.

  • eds

    this happens because people are stupid…some people that don’t do anything in their entire life, think that can offense a genius video game maker…. Fez is a masterpiece and these people sure only play at call of duty… so please. keep shooting and getting fat in your sofa and let the genius working calm. and not i’m not Phil… i am someone that really enjoy fez like no other… and i know the hard work that did phil, and this is a thing that i appreciate…

  • A gay

    go away phil

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