DivX included in fall update and moving accounts

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The entire Fall update has been officially confirmed and the much expected DivX support has been included…. The help pages have already been updated

1. What exactly does the Xbox 360 support for AVI?

Xbox 360 supports the following for AVI:

· File Extensions: .avi, .divx

The other big enhancements are child timers, child account promotion and the ability to transfer your account to a new Live account…

Now I wonder if that last one means we will be able to transfer our gamertags to a local account if we ever get official Live here?

It doesn’t look like the Clan blades have made it into this update though…

All the details

Last Updated: December 1, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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  • bokka1

    If we do get Live here,which I doubt, then they will have to let us transfer our tags otherwise the guys will not join.

  • LazySAGamer

    Unfortunately the precedence is that everyone needs to get new gamertags. When Australia and New Zealand were given live they were not allowed to migrate their tags

  • TheAlteredState

    Well if they don’t migrate your tag, then it would be a rather pointless migration now wouldn’t it? I don’t see why they can’t of course. I have migrated my XBox account between .net passports easily enough! Perhaps this update allows you to do all properly.

  • TheAlteredState

    Check here for a full list of changes, it’s qyuite a bit:


  • doobiwan

    Generally I’d say it’s a pretty good update, the only thing noticably absent is clans.

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