Don’t expect to see Sunset Overdrive on PC anytime soon

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Sunset Overdrive

Today is September 23. And while this is a day that I’ll remember for a devastating downtime of around 29 minutes when Twitter crashed, it’s also a day that many a  gamer will cherish, having bought an Xbox One console. I want to get one, eventually- but I lost all my money gambling against Geoff trying to guess which number he was thinking of. Still,if there’s one game that will sell Xbox Ones like original recipe KFC, it’s Sunset Overdrive. A game that you won’t see on PC anytime soon.

Which is kind of odd, considering how Ryse: Son Of Rome and Dead Rising 3 made the jump to PC this year. Will Sunset Overdrive pop up a year from now, on that platform? I sure as hell don’t know, something that community and marketing lead James Stevenson  isn’t too sure of either. “I don’t know what the future holds, right now there’s no plans for a PC version of the game,” James Stevenson told Videogamer.

We’re just working hard to finish up [the Xbox One version]. We’re going to support it post-launch and then we’ll see what happens in the future. But there’s no plans. We aren’t planning a PC version or anything like that.

So yeah, the game could make it PC. It probably will, seeing as how Microsoft is doing just that with the majority of their first-party titles lately. And I genuinely hope it does, because the game is damn fun. But that’s a year or so away I reckon. Xbox One owners however, only have to wait until October 28 to get their grubby mitts on the game.

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Last Updated: September 23, 2014

Darryn Bonthuys

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  • Admiral Chief 0

    Good thing I’m getting the xbox then eh?

    • Enjoy 720p’s of awesomeness

      Secretly I’m jealous because you get the play horizon 2 (while I’m unsure how bad the 360 port will be and am not spending that much cash to find out, also my 360 has been giving crap with it trying to eject the disc during gameplay but it doesn’t)

      • Admiral Chief 0


        It is just standing in the house, and I’m scoffing at it and then go and play on the PC


        • I have my poor 360 on my desk with my monitor/TV and PC on my side and my PC always wins and when I do decide to boot it up after a long neglectfulness to play some GTA V it seems to throw a fit aka the tray issues, I swear these machines are watching and have emotions.

          /Tinfoil hat

    • FoxOneZA

      What swayed you to get the Xbox? ie, who bribed you!

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        He probably still thinks he’s going to win that Xbox One that fate has decreed will be mine.

      • Admiral Chief 0

        (shhhhh, I be trollin!)

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    ……..okay. sad face.

    • Don’t be sad, they’re being told to say that because 5 million xbox’s vs 100 million steam accounts is the true sadness.

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        haha – I forgot to add this image to my comment…

        • Damn I love that show, Can’t wait for Archer season 6

  • Karl Roomaney

    This gets my heart racing!

    • Spaffy

      And does nothing for me.

  • Darth BloodyTide

    Well they said the PC wasn’t rules out in the future. Also its not they are going straight out say its coming to pc when the xbox one version has yet to be release. Many people would just wait till the pc version was out to buy it so xbox one would loose some sells.

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