Dota 2 West qualifier decided

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The West Qualifier for The International 3 (TI3) has come to an end, and mousesports is the clear winner.  The second place qualifier, dd.Dota will have to face off against the second place finisher of the Easter Qualifier to try to gain the Wild Card position.

In a reversal of WWII, it was France vs. Germany in the final, with the German mousesports taking the title.  Mousesports blitzed the tournament, winning the first two games ridiculously quickly – dd.Dota called gg at 23 minutes in the first game and 36 minutes in the second.  In the third game, dd.Dota managed to turn things around and defeat mousesports in 38 minutes.

However, it was not enough to hold back mousesports – they obliterated dd.Dota in the 42nd minute of the fourth game.  This means that mousesports will take the coveted spot in TI3, while dd.Dota will have to place against whomever places second in the Eastern Qualifiers.  Eastern Qualifiers start today, running from 20-23 May and again from 28-30 May.  

What do you think of the results?  Are they what you expected?  Surprised that the German blitz worked in defeating the French?  Oh, and the interactive compendium  pool is almost at $2.1 million.  Insanity!

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