Downloadable Rock Band titles starting to be pulled

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Are you a big fan of Rock Band and the downloadable songs available for the Harmonix title? If so then you may want to go download as many of them as you can before they disappear for good.

According to a post on their Facebook page some of the older DLC songs are starting to disappear as the licences acquired for them are starting to expire.

Right now the only affected content is the first Metallica DLC which includes the songs “Ride The Lightning”, “And Justice for All” and “Blackened”.

The real worry is whether or not people who have purchased these tracks are going to lose their content or not and Harmonix did answer that, but maybe not as definitive as I would have liked. (emphasis mine)

• If you’ve already bought these tracks, nothing changes. Tracks that you’ve purchased/downloaded are yours. Relicensing should not affect content already in your library.
• Select legacy tracks, primarily from the earliest DLC releases, may no longer be offered for new purchase in the Rock Band Store. Again, if you’ve already purchased these tracks you should be entirely unaffected.
• If for any reason you need to redownload this content (i.e. in cases of console transfer, hard drive space management, etc.) you should be able to do so even if that content is no longer available for new purchasers in the store.

If all those should’s could change to will’s I’ll be happy. Until then I’m slightly hesitant.

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