Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay shows combat and power

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Dragon Age: Inquisition had better live up to my expectations. Everything I’ve seen and experienced of the game has been wonderful, and this latest nine minute video of gameplay footage looks rather impressive. There are tons of things to do, and I’m excited to try them all.

Youtuber rechyyy (clayman90) was invited to EA to play an early build to Dragon Age: Inquisition and captured nine minutes of gameplay. Here’s the video:

It’s great to see more of the exploration and combat, although it still looks so flashy to me. Every activity seems to cause a particle effect or random spark of colour; sure, it makes the game look pretty, but it just doesn’t feel like violent combat to me. Still, I love seeing all the extra missions that have appeared, as well as the side activities. It’s clear that there will be a ton to do in the game to build your power – not just grow your character but also your Inquisition’s power.

The game certainly looks gorgeous, too. I am glad to see more and more of the game, although I’m ready for it to just release already. It’s time for me to get my hands on it again instead of watching other people play, or only getting to explore a tiny piece of the game. I wouldn’t mind seeing some more about the characters and plot, too – it’s great to know about crafting and combat, but I’m drawn to Bioware games primarily for the characters and story lines.

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Last Updated: October 7, 2014

Zoe Hawkins

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  • JJ of Meridian

    I’m still sold for Wild Hunt instead of this.

  • Man I hope this delivers. Two good looking RPGs that don’t feature characters whose voices can shatter glass or sound like they are either in need of meds or are porn stars… Also no pink hair. Thank fuck.

  • Viking Of Divinity

    with All this DA:I coverage, I’m beginning to doubt the integrity of this site….
    Monetary Kickback? or just FanGirl-ism from Zoe?

    You Decide!

    #Conspiracy #GamersGate2-TheGatening

    • Travis

      Probably because its THAT good.

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      It’s obviously money. I mean women don’t play games, so this “Zoe” can’t be real. I bet it’s Gavin pretending to be a girl to attract more REAL GAMERS to his site for that sweet, sweet Xbox cash! #ExposeTheConstipation

      • Viking Of Divinity


        • Alien Emperor Trevor

          Yes! The hole planert! THen we can switch of the clim..clima.. golbal warmng mashines the lizzard peepel install to kill REAL HUMANZ! #Respiration

  • Kensei Seraph – Staff

    41 days until I can remove the leash from my hype.

  • Travis

    It looks amaaaazballs to me. Id like to see combat trailor in 1st person view as opposed to 3rd person we see in trailors. Most people play in 1st person. Combat looks a lot like TESO, I dont mind the flashy comat as opposed to just gore. πŸ™‚

    • Geetard

      There is no first person, only third.

    • CD

      This isn’t the Elder Scrolls. There is no first person view.

    • This isn’t like Skyrim.

  • Kensei Seraph – Staff

    I’m sure there will be an option to lower the sparkles and flashes during combat.

    Zoe, I do NOT want spoilers so if you do post anything on the plot or characters then please warn me about the spoilers so I don’t accidentally ruin something for myself. Please.

    • Admiral Chief 0

      But you love the sparkles!

    • Oi, what have you done with your name…

      • Kensei Seraph – Staff

        You should probably change your name to RinceThisSlowly.

        • Okay… Just used to seeing ‘staff’ in an official grey box πŸ˜›

          • Admiral Chief 0

            Shhhh, let him have it, its like a dunce hat…


          • BWAHAHAHAH πŸ˜‰

          • Anonymous
          • Anonymous
          • Now you’re not even appearing as Kensei! What madness is this?!

          • Anonymous

            just giving kensai some ideas.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Yes, yes it is *run*

          • JJ of Meridian

            Well, I’m not sure if that should be something to be proud of. They make everyone staff these days. πŸ˜‰ Trevor and I are the rebels.

          • You shut your dirty mouth! Only the honoured are made staff!

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

          • JJ of Meridian

            That’s exactly what Darth Vader told the stormtroopers.
            And as I recall the Rebels gave them quite the beating.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            It’s impossible for me to be a rebel. I’m the emperor.

          • JJ of Meridian

            We’ll have to somehow turn this around somehow..

          • Will this do? @disqus_DoEH3TsffU:disqus

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            What a majestic beast!

            Unlike your totem…

          • JJ of Meridian

            And here I was always thinking HE was the totem.

          • Penguins are not known for their brains, Jackass πŸ˜‰ http://i.imgur.com/3P6Xgir.gif

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Look how adorable they are!

          • I bet you’re into Noddy, Big Ears…

          • JJ of Meridian

            Don’t insult his alien race. Few other humanoids can grow such majestic facial hair.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            That’s racist.

  • Johan du Preez

    Skip thank you I prefer open world RPG to linear ones like this.

  • Norman Pleasant

    One question I’d like to ask, Zoe: did you feel this way about DA2 in the early days? Or are we just repeating the cycle of hype, release, disappointment?

  • Deterrent099

    Wonder if there’ll be a dragon movie based on this.

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