Dragon Age: Inquisition will be fully playable soon

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Dragon age inquisition dungeon

Bioware has a tradition of making a “Holiday Build” of their games – this allows the team and other people of Bioware to play the game in as complete a form as possible during the holiday break. Dragon Age: Inquisition is getting one, and it will include the complete story.

According to Mark Darrah’s development blog, there were seven key elements that they focused on for this build:

  • 1. The main storyline completely playable from beginning to end: This allows the story to be experienced in an interactive state, and lets us get pacing and spacing right.
  • 2. All of the gameplay systems working together: This means that you can experience the game as it is intended to be experienced, with each feature feeding into another.
  • 3. Starting VO recording for large parts of the game (More on this later).
  • 4. Getting music in (More on this later).
  • 5. Making sure that each class has a distinctive feel: Making sure that the party is a necessary and exciting part of combat (More on this later).
  • 6. Getting our tech locked down
  • 7. Getting a lot more content a lot further along

I’m excited to hear that the game is already at this point. If they’re already able to play through the main storyline from beginning to end, that means that all pacing issues, dialogue and characters can get plenty more attention and polish before the game ships. It’s also great to see them working on assets and cleaning things up at this stage – they’re even working on the trees!

Da inquisition trees

Dragon Age: Inquisition is on my list of top games to watch in 2014. I’m really amped to play it – it looks like it’s going to be even better than previous Dragon Age games, so it better not disappoint. Considering where the game is now in development, I have a good feeling about it being finished with top quality by release date. No more delays on games I want, please!

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