Driveclub Bikes rated for PS4

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DriveClub: Rubbish game on launch, but really damn good a year later. DriveClub had the misfortune of launching not only in a broken state, but during a particularly strong line-up of racing games that included the likes of Forza Horizon 2, Mario Kart 8 and GRID: Autosport.

That’s the equivalent of being the Blue Meanie during the height of the WWE’s Attitude Era and expecting to be world champ ahead of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and Mankind.

Anyway, DriveClub is better now. Much, much better and actually quite superb now that it isn’t broken. But it’s still lacking something. And by something, I mean two-wheeled pocket rockets.

Outside of the bare-bones riding experience found in MotoGP games, motorcycles are woefully underrepresented in racing games lately. But that might be changing soon.

The European games rating system listed DriveClub Bikes earlier this morning, in a listing that has since been removed. The original listing was for a standalone game.

And I’d be down with that. There’s definitely a market for motorcycle games, especially proper ones done with some actual love and care. And with developer Evolution Games hinting at a Paris Games Week appearance tonight, I’d bet easy money that we’ll see a reveal later on this evening.

Look, I’m perhaps a tad bit over-excited about this news. Because it’s the closest that I’ll get to the Project Gotham Racing 5 game that I’ve been anxiously waiting for, for many a year. Make it so, Evolution.

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Last Updated: October 27, 2015

Darryn Bonthuys

Something wrong gentlemen? You come here prepared to read the words of a madman, and instead found a lunatic obsessed with comics, Batman and Raul Julia’s M Bison performance in the 1994 Street Fighter movie? Fine! Keep your bio! In fact, now might be a good time to pray to it!

  • Hammersteyn

    Oh right…. this game.

  • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

    Not long and I’m on mine again!

  • WitWolfy

    Every time I fire this game up, choose a random course, take the first corner just to spin out for no apparent reason like a little bitch. I realize why I hate this game again…

    The day they fix the handling and physics of these cars I’ll give this game another go.

    • Lamont McNair

      Sucking at the game is not a valid reason for not liking it. This game is phenomenal!

      • WitWolfy

        It is a more than valid reason to hate it, that doesnt mean I dont play it religiously (look at my PS profile).. I’ve played many arcade racers in my day, and this one juat feels so unnatural… Sure I got like half of its trophies but thats just because I’m a sucker for punishment!

  • CypherGate

    Ive always liked bikes, but never been a fan of them in games. Most probably cause I cant ride them properly. Either way Bikes in games never interest me.

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