Duke Nukem Forever campaign takes 16 hours to complete

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Randy Pitchford was at the Mana Bar in Brisbane over the weekend to give a public demonstration of Duke Nukem Forever and answer some questions from the awaiting fans and media.

One of the answers that surprised me was when Randy was asked how long the campaign for Duke Nukem Forever will be and he answered it as only Randy does.

According to Randy the single player campaign took him between 16 and 17 hours to complete or in other words 2-3 Call of Duties.

As humorous as the statement was I strongly doubt Randy is attempting to compare the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever with either Call of Duty Black Ops or whatever the next Call of Duty becomes.

I also find a FPS running for 16-17 hours a bit to long for my limited attention span, hopefully the story is gripping.

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