E3 2009: Yamauchi states that GT5 is releasable now

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Gran Turismo 5 is one of the most anticipated titles for PS3 fans and any news that comes out is instantly analysed in minute detail to see when we can expect this title to land.

So I take the latest statement from Kazunori Yamauchi with a whole heap of salt, according to him

“but GT5 for us, when you talk about its status, it’s at a point we can release it any time we want, but we can always keep working on it. It’s very important for us to make sure everything is done perfectly and everything is done in detail”

So he seems to think that he can easily have it released in time for Christmas and at the moment it is just being polished and improved.

I personally call BS, if the title was ready to be released it would be. There is no reason to keep holding onto it as the cost of development must be catching up to the obvious profits this title is going to make now, and if it takes much longer it runs the real risk of Forza 3 pipping it to the realism post.

And that would simply be humiliating.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: June 5, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I disagree. I think that Sony are the ones holding this title back. GT5 is a MAJOR title for them and they have their whole “10 year lifespan” thing to think about.

    That’s not to say I don’t AGREE with it. If it’s ready, release it, especially, as you say, with Forza 3 around the corner and NFS Shift looking great.

  • easy

    i doubt any title will beat gt5 in terms of realism, as said titles all have awesome visuals.
    but gt series as a brand has a lot to live up and maintain its pedigree, which would explain the amount of time they are putting into it.

    at any rate, i’m happy waiting for gt5 as long as they keep up the high level of polish and attention to detail and most importantly driving physics.

  • WitWolfyZA

    I could release it… BUT I just dont want to…..ITS MY PRECIOUS…..

  • I’m sure that if it wasn’t for the fact that Prologue is out there carrying the GT name on PS3, they WOULD release it. Guess they feel that Prologue has bought them plenty of time, like it did with previous GT titles.

  • Ruslan

    Yawn… when did he say this game was to be out before? 2007 anyone? Sounding like a scratched record. Just release the game and let the gamers judge it, sometimes I think Sony withhold their games because they are afraid of negative reviews? Come on!

    By the time GT5 is out Dirt 2, Formula 1 and Forza 3 would have kept the crown for good.

  • WitWolfyZA

    I think PD has obviously observed the previous Races that have been released and, is trying to make it work with their game mechanics. Or they’re jsut trying to biuld enough hype for it to know for certain they’ll move atleast half a million consoles when its eventaully released… Christmas maybe???

  • Fox1

    LOL 😆

  • Fox1

    Blah… blah…blah..blah :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

  • janrik

    Put up or Shut up.

    GT is a racing game.
    Forza is a Racing Sim.

  • easy

    sorry bud, but that utter bs.

    if you want a proper sim, you need to buy rfactor.
    at any rate, my experience with forza2 left me very disappointed, and gt5p showed what a proper racing ‘game’ was all about.

    hopefully forza3 will redeem itself, as i’m sure it will by the looks of it.

  • darthdad

    lol, Forza a racing sim? :silly:

  • Fox1

    Then what are all those complex calculations for that show up when the up button on the d-pad is pressed while racing in Forza 2? :whistle:

  • janrik

    Compared to GT yeah…. by miles.

    And PC… um, people still play on those things?

  • darthdad

    lol, keep telling yourselves that guys……….. 😉

  • Ruslan

    Everybody knows from a marketing factor that serious sims only sell to the hardcore crowd. Racing games have more appeal to the casual crowd which buys the most. Forza 2 has more physics detail which somehow I havent seen in GT even though I havent touched in years!

  • easy

    what gt? 1,2,3,4,5?

    forza2 is NOT a sim, no matter how you try to justify it. nor is gt5 a sim either.
    they both do a decent job of trying, but thats about it.
    and in my opinion, the physics in gt5p pip forza2, but thats my opinion.

    and yes, people still use computers!

  • Yes I do,actually :tongue:

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