Early Killzone 2 Figures : I expected more

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VGCharts has come out and released some preliminary sales data for the first week of Killzone 2 sakes. Now before we go any further remember these are only preliminary figures which are then used to guess the first weeks sales figures.

As we stand at the moment Killzone 2 is well placed to be the third fastest selling title in the PS3’s paddock behind GTAIV and MGS4.

However the sales figures themselves are not as impressive with only 750 000 being sold so far. Granted it is easily going to break a million units but with a PS3 install base of over 20 million units and this being one of the biggest names on the platform I was expecting to hear first day sales figures of well over a million, never mind the first weeks sales figures.

There has also been a minimal impact on hardware sales so yet again we see a much hyped title not turning into a hardware mover for the PS3.

From my perspective this is still simply down to the price of the PS3, people cannot justify the price of the console for a single game and would rather wait until a bundle is released with the titles they really want.

Now a bundle with LBP, Killzone 2, Motorstorm 2 and SingStar would go down well in most families..

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I’ll be keeping an eye out for the official Killzone 2 sales figures to let you know if VGChartz estimates were even close to being on target as well.

Source: VGChartz

Last Updated: March 4, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • janrik

    Halo killer my ass. :devil:

  • captian beer

    :ninja: just the facts, jack… janjacob :ninja:

  • ewie

    Well it did sell more than Halo wars in Europe so
    in a way it is a “halo” killer just not the “halo” killer

  • ewie

    The later in a systems selling cycle a game is released the less of a sales bump we could expect, If we look at the xbox 360, Gears of war launched after a year boost sales with about 500 000 above the norm for the time. And this was on a small user base.

    GTAIV and MGS also boosted the PS3 with a lot more sales
    but as more and more hardcore players have bought the ps3 and the Xbox less of a bump in sales is experienced
    with Halo 3 selling a lot of software but the bump in sales was not that big, Gears of war 2 barely moved additional Hardware. And the Same with Kilzone 2, The players who wanted a ps3 already got one for the other big hitters in GTAiv, and MGS 4, .

    If we look at Japan sales the effect can be seen a lot more with a game Like Star ocean 4 only moving an additional 15000 units where LO and UI moved about 30 000
    and 40 000 systems last year. And on the ps3 WKC moved a lot more consoles than Ysakuza 3 even though the last game sold more.

  • fred

    Sales numbers sound ok to me , Killzone wasn’t a big hit on ps2.

  • Banana Hammock

    Well according to the sales tracker on VGCHARTZ this is the first week since mid August 2008 that the PS3 has managed to match 360 sales in the “Total Others” region (EU + Africa + AUS + South America).

    So there was a boost in console sales, but i agree with ewie, i don’t think anyone really expected it to move a ton of consoles. Also, it’s only came out on Friday so let’s give it a month and see how it goes.

    As for the game, it’s damn good, really has lived up to the crazy hype it got.

  • Luigi

    PS3 games follow a different selling cycle to the 360 – they sell steadily over time, whereas the 360’s sales tend to be very front-load. Killzone 2 will sell 2.5 million by the end of the year, not bad in the crowded shooter market for a franchise with a rocky history. Call of Duty: World at War is on about 3 million on the PS3 now after a first week of 700,000, so expect KZ2 to perform much the same.

  • ewie

    No it will not perform much the same, as there is a big difference at release schedule, There is no holiday season to boost the numbers higher, A better comparison would be games that sell during the year.

    Additional to this it would depend on word of mouth to sell it, and how well the Bundles do, As most of the games of Sony in Europe get bundled with new consoles.

  • Luigi

    There is also less competition for the game, with RE5 being the only big title I can think of for March that will take sales from it. It will sell very well for weeks to come, just like LBP, Motorstorm:PR and COD:WaW did.

  • ocelot

    It kills Halo in terms of presentation and gameplay.

  • 0rk0

    It will also start to sell better once the “Hype price” becomes an “Affordable price.”
    I’m enjoying Fallout 3 and Bioshock for sub R400 prices and they were only released 5 months ago.
    So I’ll keep playing all the great games just a bit later than everyone else.
    People should just learn to be more patient.
    Once I’m done with these 2, I still have POP and KZ2 to look forward to and after them , whatever you’ll be buying today :biggrin:
    Vote with your money, I say games are over-priced, period.
    It’s time they realise this.

  • Fox1

    Halo kills it in term of fan base :w00t:

  • Fox1

    Well said 🙂

  • janrik

    So a 2009 games looks better than a 2007 game?
    Wow what a achievement. :devil:

  • ocelot

    Ye, seems like Ensemble didn’t get the memo.

  • Banana Hammock

    Lol, i paid R480 for a brand new copy of KZ2 which i got 2 working days after release. Instead of “voting with your wallet” maybe people should just shop around.

  • Fox1

    That doesn’t help the cause for those that buy locally.

  • 0rk0

    That’s still R80 more than I would like to pay…:wink:

    ..and I always shop around :tongue:

  • janrik

    halo 3, not halo wars.

    halo wars kicks some good ass also, very fun RTS and fantastic CGI.

  • darthdad

    Lol @ the Halo comparisons.
    I think Killzone 2 is doing well. It’s certainly selling better than I expected. And knowing the playstation fans this will still be selling well at the end of the year. There no ‘premature’ occurrences happening on the Sony console.

  • ocelot

    lets face it, if it didn’t have halo in the name it would never get such high ratings. Its a 7/10 at best.

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