EndWar – GDC 2008 Interview

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This game is looking absolutely amazing. Unless I am mistaken it is planned to be released in May this year and after watching this GDC interview I just can’t wait.

A truly dynamic world battlefield that will be updated on a nightly basis. I wonder who is going to win this war in the end and what happens then?

I am still unsure about the voice prompts though, I don’t want to really be talking to my TV.

Last Updated: February 26, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Andre Odendaal

    Chromehounds also had an online war but with 3 sides fighting each other. Once a side had completely dominated the various battlefields, medals were awarded to the winning side for various achievements and the war was reset.

    In the end the war was being reset every week, so everytime I logged in (we had a local weekly clan) our past battles counted for nothing. What was cool were the 360 achievements for being on the winning side or for contributing the most to the war.

  • doobiwan

    That was the sad thing about Chromehounds, not a bad game, but totally dependant on tactical play and the Solo game was deathly boring. It just didn’t have the bite of say MechWarrior.

    Endwar? It’s a must.

  • Andre Odendaal

    The multiplayer was AMAZING, the single player only serving at tutorials. The real downfall was the unimaginative maps and how quickly you unlocked all the weapons and the speed of the war.

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