Epic to unveil new Gears 2 DLC – I'm not getting it

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569462I came across a story this morning that really got me excited, according to the Escapist Magazine Epic are going to be releasing their biggest set if Gears DLC ever in July which will contain seven new multiplayer maps and a deleted scene for the single player campaign.

The deleted scene is entitled “Road to Ruin” and can be played in the normal all guns blazing method or utilising a new stealth gameplay where you can apparently dress up as a locust and join them for tea if you liike.

I have to admit that adding stealth gameplay to Gears doesn’t interest me in the least but that isn’t the reason I am not getting this DLC.

Epic (or Microsoft) have slapped on a price of 1600 Microsoft points for this or around R200 if my memory serves me correct. The prices for DLC and arcade games have been steadily rising and it’s about time we, as consumers, put a stop to it.

The companies will carry on raising the price until they see that they have hit the limit on what we are willing to pay and for me the limit for a map pack is 800 points and for added gameplay or abilities is 1200 points.

In a completely unrelated press release it was also announced today that Gears of War 2 has now sold over 5 million copies worldwide, so if only 20% of those buyers pick up the DLC Epic stands in line for a $20,000,000 pay day. Maybe CliffyB needs a new sportscar?

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Tell you what Epic, drop the price down to a reasonable 1200 points and I will snap it up in an instant.

Source: The Escapist

Last Updated: May 7, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • ewie

    This download will include all previous maps
    as well. And will be released as a retail disc as well, here is hoping we the download is not blocked or the disc
    get released locally so that we can get all the maps previously,

  • bokka1

    The price of the retail disc and the DLC is exactly the same. I will just get the disc then.

  • WitWolfyZA

    Why dont they just releae a ?Disc with all the Map packs and everything one one disc. Im not that rich!

  • Lupus

    This is SA, the price of the disc will probably be expensive.

  • janrik

    I’ll get the disk. Good thing I waited to buy the dlc.

  • eXp

    I’m digging this deal. 4 Gears 2 Map packs at 800 points each or all 4 + new SP mission at 1600. Bargain of the century.

    Although I would be upset if I had already purchased the map packs before hand :silly:

  • Aequitas

    There is no mention of a disk in that article, tie that to the image at the end of this article http://kotaku.com/5242314/new-gears-2-content-striking-retail-on-all-fronts and it looks like it’ll still need to be downloaded :< stupid IP-blocking

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