European and Others sales figures – 9th Feb 2008

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There is very little change in the European sales charts for this week

Wii  –  128,077
PS3 –    64,432
360 –    45,570

Wii  – 564,307
PS3 – 379,775
360 – 336,023

However there is an interesting first, a cross platform simultaneous release is no longer selling much better on the 360 as has always been the case. We had two cross platform releases this week

Devil May Cry 4
360 – 90,652
PS3 – 86,158

360 – 39,704
PS3 – 39,656

Now remember these are researched and estimated numbers so the PS3 versions could in fact have out sold the 360 versions. I would say this has made Sony happier than the hardware sales.

VG Chartz | Europe / Others Weekly Chart

Last Updated: February 12, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • down, down , down…. 360 going down!
    sorry guys just let a PS3 fanboy have his happiness..
    The force is growing stronger !

  • JP

    I’m just happy the Wii software sales are looking up.

    If the software sales continue to rise we’ll probably be seeing a lot more proper games on the Wii.

  • AveshR

    @Evilredzombie – the 360 has been around longer than any of these other 2 consoles = more total sales, and the 360 has waaay more games available than the ps3 so xbox360 owners are not going to concentrate on buying just a few games like the ps3 owners πŸ˜‰

  • doobiwan

    I’m not so sure there lazy, quite a few X-plat games have been doing better on the PS3 in Europe. Burnout, assassins Creed etc etc. They’re usually pretty close. It’s the US where the 360 does 3:1 on most games.

  • Fox1

    @doobiwan- Yeah man, it’s the ratio of games that count.

    I guess the 360 owners were broke due to the plethora of games we have available so they did not spend much this week. And if you really look it Dec, Jan and Feb were the months when the PS3 released it’s best games ever.

    So its just another PS3 sales spike.

  • @AveshR so its been around for longer…so? does that ok the sales figures ?
    PS3 is starting to kick its @SS ! just check how all blogs are buzzing about the PS3 taking over in 2008
    Lets see some Japan sales charts, every one knows that in console history he who conquers Japan conquers the world..
    What was Ms last attempt to take japan? oh thats right blue dragon….
    Its just in the US that the 360 is stil ahead and lest be honest yanks are a bunch of turds…
    Oh and actually the best PS3 games are stil to come in march/april/may ….

  • boredhousewife

    The Ps3 is outselling the X360 by about 100-150k units a month and assuming they sell a million more over the holidays means they will gain 3 mio consoles so this means they will still be six million or so behind the Xbox and the Wii will be a distant speck in the distance. This ignores the fact that the Xbox 360 is in a much better position to offer price cuts. So hardly a recipe for global dominance – its in a distant second in two markets and third in the biggest market. The Xbox 360 is not just beating it in America , its beating it in all English speaking territories – PS3 has recovered some ground in Europe – but just because David Hasselhof is big in Germany does not make him an International music sensation. Hmm I see a joke in there somewhere – the Hoffstation 3 ???

  • AveshR

    @boredhousewife – lol…
    @Evilredzombie – PS3 sales cannot go on forever – sales has to mature and stabilise itself which is what’s happening to the xbox360 – that’s a common marketing principle πŸ˜‰ it’s not because the ps3 is better than the xbox360 or wii… and remember lots of people are opting for a ps3 because it’s cheaper than buying a stand-alone blue-ray dvd player, not just because of games unlike the other 2 consoles

  • The PS3 launched how many months after the 360 ? And why are there so many ppl trying to sell 360 consoles? and so many buying PS3’s
    I did it , sold my 360 to buy my ps3. Im not even going to debate this… make a mark in your calender and email me next year this time.
    PS3 will win this fight

  • Fox1

    The PS3 still has a long way to overtake total number of sales of the 360. The 360 has had a head start and still leads by a long way. WARNING: DON’T FALL FOR THOSE FIGURES!!! The PS3 is gaining market share in two ways. 1)By being sold at a loss- the 360 is making a profit of the hardware. 2)PS3 is also being sold as a BD Player. Sony is still running a loss although the PS3 being sold at a loss. So two loss’s gives you a win! πŸ˜‰

  • AveshR

    @Evilredzombie – lol, you make me laugh… and when the ps3 is halfway through it’s marketing lifespan, MS will launch the xbox720 and then this debate will start over again… and yes, the fact is that the ps3 is sold at a loss… will it be viable for sony to market a ps4 console???

  • doobiwan

    Lets face it, Europeans are loyalist to their detriment. No matter how much any company kicks them in the goons with high prices, delayed product or inferior service, they don’t react with their moola. That goes for all parties btw.

    Playstation has entrenched mind share in Europe and anti US sentiment will always see it ‘preferred’ over the 360. At least for this round. I think Microsoft would do well to just keep in the running, ie remain more than 2/3s the PS3’s install base.

    The game from here is a hard one for MS and they’re playing their cards as I’d expecting them to. They’re making money, they captialized as much as they could on Xmas, although the 40Gb PS3 was a bit of a spanner. Once they can declare an entire years profit, the gloves will come off.

  • Fox1

    Hold your horses… or controllers πŸ˜‰

    According to
    Wii- 21.10M
    XBox360- 16.87M
    PS3- 9.72M

    XBox360 leads PS3 by 7.15M units.

    So this week the PS3 sold 43,752 units more than the xbox360…

    The PS3 will have to continue this feat for another 164 weeks to beat the xbox360 sales, which equates to 3 years and 8 months. That estimation will only be true provided ZERO xbox360 consoles are sold which is impossible. The PS3 has a long way to go.

  • Fox1

    Oops! My mistake! Damn flue! Sorry!

    The PS3 outsold the xbox360 by 18,862 units.

    So that means if the PS3 continues beating the 360 by this margin every week then it will take 380 weeks to overtake the total 360 sales provided ZERO 360’s sell every week. That equates to 7 years and 4 months before the PS3 overtakes the 360!

  • Abe

    Its amazing what some people can come up with to make themselves feel better. The fact that the Xbox has 7mil consoles more than the ps3 means squat, it had a years lead.
    By now when we look at the fact that the xbox has an install base of 7mil more and is battling to win in xplatform battles paints a different picture.
    Ps3 will now start its campaign to victory, lets now forget that o so meaty ps2 install base that is slowly starting to pic up their next gen ps3’s. The truth of the matter is the ps3 will repeat the feat of the ps2, it will outsell its microsoft counterpart, true the xbox720 will arrive, however we will see the same phenom again the ps3 will continue to sell like hot cakes to its death while all the xbots will be forced to spend more money!

  • @ AveshR yes and the 720 will be just as [email protected]
    Look at devil may cry and turok sales…if MS is so far ahead in the market why are they not so far ahead in softeware !!
    XBox360 leads PS3 by 7.15M units. yet they dont hav that lead in software..ppl are sick of the crap box 360.
    With 7 mill lead they should have sold at least a few hund thou more on the software. Plus the 360 games are so cheap! yet ppl stil buy PS3 games…
    From my side..topic close…we will talk in a year when your 360 is not worth the LED’s used to light up the ring of death.

  • doobiwan

    Jeepers your maths and logic make our beloved government stats department look like the cream of NASA crop! Ad maths, bad maths, stats and fanboy maths!

    The 7 million lead is GLOBAL. The numbers in the thread are EUROPE. PS3 currently outsells 360 in EUROPE, 360 outsells PS3 in AMERICA (actually all English territories, but that’s a different issue)

    Microsoft has already conceded Japan, as has LCD TV leader Samsung, simply because Japan are nationalistic xenophobic tw*ts that criminalize all foreigners.

    The PS3 is still haemorrhaging cash, Sony have had to liquidate $3 billion worth of assets (Fabs and insurance business) to stay in the game and look flush. Microsoft ARE flush and are declaring fantastic profits. But never underestimate a fanboy. Europe loves them some Sony, hey they invented techno so there’s no accounting for some taste πŸ˜‰

    PS3 has had cut 30% of it’s list price, barely 6 months after launch, to get competitive.

    The 360 has cut it’s price by barely 10% in over 2 years of leading the market.

    This game has barely started. The console war starts at $200. Toshiba’s failure was not getting there sooner. Lets see if MS can learn from that.

  • Fox1

    The fanboys seem to be getting personal and bailing out without any hardcore facts but weak crystal ball predictions. One thing for sure is that the PS3 has memory issues now and it will increase.

    @evilredzombie- Where you get you info from??? the xbox360 has the highest game to console ratio and the figures above are for 1 week. In total software sales the 360 is way in the lead. Anyway, go back to your stuttering games, vibrationless controller, tiny hard drive, half hour installs, and a 2(soon to be 3) gen old GPU.

    “Plus the 360 games are so cheap! yet ppl stil buy PS3 games”
    Why would 360 owners buy PS3 games? Do PS3 owners buy 360 games because they are cheap? Where do they use them?

    according to
    The PS3 has 8 games that sold a million worldwide. Impressive…
    The XBox 360 has 34 games that sold a million worldwide.
    Have a look at the console attach rates

    So next time quote your sources from where you get these crystal ball facts.

  • LazySAGamer

    When I started this posting off with “There is very little change in the European sales charts for this week” I really didn’t expect this sort of response πŸ™‚

    From an outsiders point of view both sides have valid arguments which is exactly why this console war is so exciting.

  • Abe

    Fox I love your posts they are always good for a laugh πŸ˜‰
    Hey where did I see that the Sony gaming dept actually reported a profit for the last segment? Lazy was it here?

  • doobiwan

    They did on the back of strong PS2 and PSP sales.

  • LazySAGamer
  • Fox1

    @Abe- Your complements are appreciated. Thanks πŸ™‚

    @LazySAGamer- This site rocks. Its better than any gaming magazine.

  • JimBob

    “Microsoft has already conceded Japan, as has LCD TV leader Samsung, simply because Japan are nationalistic xenophobic tw*ts that criminalize all foreigners.”

    One wonders why they can’t get them enough Apple and Coca Cola, then. Earlier, you were claiming that the Europeans are anti-American and that’s why they don’t buy the Xbox 360.

    Seriously, that’s just one weakass excuse.

    “PS3 has had cut 30% of itÒ€ℒs list price, barely 6 months after launch, to get competitive.”

    It started off far more expensive than the 360, too, and despite that, has kept up with the 3260’s sales trajectory. I’m willing to bet that by the end of the year, the PS3 will have a larger installed base in Europe than the Xbox 360.

    ” Anyway, go back to your stuttering games, vibrationless controller, tiny hard drive, half hour installs, and a 2(soon to be 3) gen old GPU”

    Hmm, my games don’t stutter and my Dual Shock 3 vibrates in my hands and my best games show no sign of ageing in the GPU and I’m loving having no load times in games like Uncharted and DMC4. Shrug….

    Anyway, owning all three platforms, I do find these fanboy wars amusing. I want all the platforms to do well, because that will mean more and better games and cheaper prices all around.

    But, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, for some people, it’s not enough that their platform of choice succeeds. To be truly happy, they need to see every other platform fail. And that’s despite the fact that a Sony or Microsoft monopoly will be no good for anyone.

  • ok people.

  • doobiwan

    Jim, of course I’m exaggerating. Doesn’t mean I’m wrong πŸ˜‰ The difference is that Coke and Apple products are bought solely on brand uniqueness, but for a ‘feature’ product, like electronics, or cars, the Japanese buy Japanese. Fact.

    And I didn’t say Europe are anti US (that’s a whole separate debate) I said they’re anti Microsoft, and brand loyal to Sony.

    But other than that I do agree with you, I’m glad both (and Wii) are doing well. Everyone benefits from competition.

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