Fallout 3 not being patched on the 360 and PC

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Karl posted up an article yesterday about Bethesda not releasing a patch for the PS3 while still updating the Xbox 360 and PC versions inside their upcoming DLC content.

Well this story has done the rounds on the Internet and Bethesda have come out to do some damage control. Apparently the Xbox 360 and PC versions are not being patched at all and it’s all a big misunderstanding. The changes to the xbox 360 and PC version are purely down to the upcoming DLC which is not going to be making it over to the PS3 version.

Hopefully this has cleared up all the confusion around this… so in a nutshell the 360 and PC versions are getting some DLC that will change the game while the PS3 version isn’t… Isn’t that we said in the first place?

And yet we were told that Fallout 3 was patched a while back… it’s all getting so confusing over here

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Last Updated: January 27, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

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  • Syph1n

    I went online with my xbox last night and there was an update for it. Only major thing i spotted was the “downloads” option in main menu that was added

    Wheither it makes any changes to the game itself obviously is a bit hard to tell.

  • Janrik

    You cannot patch perfection.

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