Far Cry 2 Devs "Worried" by PS3…

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Now honestly if this isn’t the most sensationalist title I have ever seen. I clicked through to CVG expecting to see yet another developer complaining about how difficult it is to code for the PS3 but that wasn’t the case at all.

Granted they said they were worried when they first started developing Far Cry 2 however once they got over the initial R&D section they were very impressed with the raw power of the PS3.

They were also very happy to be able to use the HDD to stream onto (which can’t be done on the 360).

However PS3 fans must not be expecting PC like graphics due to memory issues. However since we are normally sitting away from the TV enjoying our game I doubt the majority of people would ever make a difference.

News: Far Cry 2 Devs “Worried” by PS3… – ComputerAndVideoGames.com

[Thanks to Doobiwan for the tip]

Last Updated: February 12, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I just can’t wait to get my hands on this game… πŸ™‚

  • Fox1

    The devs are covering their hinds if the PS3 version comes out graphically inferior. Its going to be a cool game non the less.

  • darthdad

    @Fox1, Graphically inferior to what?

  • AveshR

    Darthdad – I quote – “However PS3 fans must not be expecting PC like graphics due to memory issues.” πŸ˜‰

  • darthdad

    Thanks. πŸ™‚

  • Fox1


  • darthdad


  • darthdad

    Platform being a high end PC, which is acceptable.
    ” The PS3 version, unsurprisingly, won’t match top spec PCs. “However, the notable area where we had to make some tradeoffs is in some assets resolution which had to be brought down from the higher end PC configurations due to memory size difference. However, the good new is that since PS3 players are not outputting over the top resolutions like high end PC users, this is not a big deal. It’s somewhat proportional to our video resolution output.”

  • Fox1

    @darthdad- Thanks for pointing that out πŸ˜‰

    The PC does have some really super high wacky unrealistic resolutions. And to play at those resolutions you would have to own a PC over R20 0000 with a matching screen. Rather, invest in a super cool LCD/Plasma panel that you can use for movies, television and gaming. We going to need one anyway for those BD movies!

    A bit off topic here but with BD movies and large LCD/Plasma panels, i don’t see the cinema has being the ultimate movie experience picture quality wise.

  • darthdad

    True Fox1. At the moment I would say that the cinemas are not under threat. But once the LCD/Plasma screens become more affordable, the cinemas will struggle. They will either have to offer something totally unique like a 3d display/some kind of motion seat technology, or they cut there prices drastically.

  • Abe

    This story ran as good news on PS3ZA. Is this game coming to xbox?

  • doobiwan

    Uh, it’s running as good news here as well . . ..

    And yes, sorry to disappoint, it is coming to 360 as well. πŸ˜‰

  • Ye, PC’s will always win in that department, but I mean to run Crysis at its full res you need to buy a R12k PC.

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