Fat Princess upsetting the feminists

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You knew it was going to happen but I am a bit suprised at how quick it happened.

Apparently the fat feminists out there are not so happy with the originally titled Fat Princess.

According to them it is degrading to women and compounds the stereotypes of fat people. They even go on to ask why the developers didn’t rather pack random shit on top of the princess like rocks and Bison instead of making her fat?

So it’s okay to crush beautiful young princesses just don’t make them ugly or fat?

Obviously everyone is just going to ignore these people as these are the same ones that complain about Lara Croft being to sexy, other female parts being to weak and on and on and on.

Source: FeministGamers

Last Updated: July 29, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Banana hammock

    This actually happened quicker than you think. It was reported at E3 when the game was first announced. I love the way fat people and women in general want the whole world to deny that bad things exist.

    Yeah, pack bison onto her so the animal activists can jump on our backs, lol. You know what the best part is? The game’s lead designer is a woman, lol. Wonder if she’s fat?

    On a serious note though, the princess doesn’t start out fat, she get’s fat if you keep shoving cake down her pie-hole, makes sense to me.

  • LazySAGamer

    “she get’s fat if you keep shoving cake down her pie-hole, makes sense to me”

    It sounds so realistic 😉

  • ‘it’s not a disease’ – ricky govias on obesity

    Milesh Bhana’s last blog post..Recycle, recycle, recycle.

  • Vamp

    Now they should just bring out a Bulimia-patch, so you can
    see-saw her weight the whole time.

  • Vamp

    Would you stop talking about cake. You’re making me want to go play Portal again 😛

  • scrumpyjackson

    I think it’s actually supporting fat people – At least the prince doesn’t just turn around adn say screw it she’s fat.

  • DarthPenguin

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAAH whahahahhahahahahhaha

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