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whos awesome

Times are hard and I think every one of us is at the very least aware of the economic crisis the world is currently going through, so to see what has been happening over at the local PS3 forums really is quite special.

A forumite by the name of M21 has started a quite unique craze at the moment of giving away PS3 games for free. You read that right, he isn’t looking for money or repayment of any kind and is literally just giving them away. 

First up a copy of Uncharted Drakes Fortune was raffled off with the first 20 people who hand’t played the game given the chance to choose a number between 1 and 20. A random numer was then drawn and Posttoastie was the lucky recipient of the first free game give away.

Next up TobySelf setup a raffle to give away a copy of Motorstorm and now Lemon is giving away a copy of Genji or Warhawk.

The only rule seems to be that once you have finished the game you cannot sell it and should rather raffle it back into the community. 

I would just like to say that you guys are awesome and I hope that Karma repays you all in kind.

[Thanks Abe for the tip]
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Last Updated: February 19, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • PS3ZA is awsome !

  • ewie

    someone have now done this on xbox-360 as well.

    copy of Cod4 and TDU up for grabs.

  • fred

    The ps3 community rocks!

  • M3mPh1z

    There were 5 game give aways on PS3ZA, awesome one guys, very kind indeed, glad to see the love has also spread to the 360 forums

  • Awesome stuff man! Thanks for publishing this! Kudo’s to the Xbox community!
    Viva la pay it forward revolution :wub:

  • Dev

    We should set up a section here on lazygamer where ppl can swop games out with other ppl

  • The gamer formely known as m21n5e2

    M21 for president!!!

    Just kidding guys. I am a bit chuffed that my actions has sparked this kind of repsonse.

    Sometimes we all just have to do something nice for someone else.

  • janrik

    Very nice people. 😎

  • Chocolate Salty

    play it forward… 🙂

  • that’s a very awesome system, I hope there’s no-one in it that’s prepared to screw over the next person tho… there always seems to be one 🙁

  • playstation gamers ROCK!!!!!

  • WitWolfyZA


  • Ace

    From now on i don’t want to hear any bad talk about ps3 fanboys…

    i have some ps3 review copies i might just put up for giveaways 😀

  • The gamer formely known as m21n5e2

    Unfortunately there will always be some guy who screws someone else over. While we cannot prevent it, they’re the ones who have to bear the consequences sooner or later.

  • Nice work guys and thanks for running this Lazy


  • More such free games give aways please – anytime.

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