FFXIII now on PC – DS Version coming soon?

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Final Fantasy Defects Again

Well this comes as a bit of a suprise.

One of the biggest suprises coming out of E3 this year was that FFXIII was no longer a PS3 exclusive and was now coming to the Xbox 360 as well.

I found it a bit odd that this was announced by Square Enix themselves and not by Microsoft at the time as it was such a huge announcement.

However the latest news puts that into perspective really. Square Enix has now just announced that the latest FF is not only coming to the PS3 and 360 but also to the PC.

However what is even more suprising is that the PC is actually the lead platform with the PS3 and 360 being ported from that.

At this time the PC version is functional, the PS3 version has started development and the 360 version is on the waiting list.

So while I doubt this makes any difference to the PS3 fans it does take the gloss away from the 360 guys.

Source: Softpedia

PS: I was joking about the DS version in the title. But you never know.

Last Updated: July 28, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • I thin the FF franchise was always on PC to begin with and shared the limelight with the PS2 for a long while, I still remember playing it on my FF7 on my PC 🙂 so it’s not really that much of a surprise

  • ocelot

    Final Fantasy X, X-2 and XII were all PS2 exclusives.

  • Well not exactly kold.

    The only FF game that was created for PC in conjunction with a console was FF 8. FF 7 was ported to PC after it’s success on the PS.

    All the versions after FF 8 was PS & [email protected] exclusives as FF 8 didn’t do as well as they wanted to on the PC.

    And then obviously, any version before 7 was NES & SNES.

    As I’m sure you’ll notice… I’m a bit of a FF freak 😀

    Werner’s last blog post..FFXIII now on PC – DS Version coming soon?

  • O… And I don’t count FF 11. That was of course a PC version before it was ported to the consoles. The only one of the FF games (except for 13 I guess) that was created on the PC first.

    Werner’s last blog post..FFXIII now on PC – DS Version coming soon?

  • lol ok well you can guess where I jumped on the band-wagon, what I’m trying to get it at is that FF coming to PC shouldn’t be that much of a shock? it’s been done before, I think having it as the lead platform is quite cool cause ultimately at the end of the day the most powerful machine is the PC, and then you can start downgrading it to fit into the other consoles from their… so should be intense 🙂 I’m excited

  • Dude!

    That was such a misquote the guy that sucked it out of his thumb is a complete twit. The said they’re “developing it on PC’s” of course they are, that’s where all the development tools are!

    SE themselves have already debunked this as a misquote.

  • Chevron

    Yes. This was sadly debunked a few days ago.

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