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Final Starcraft II Trailer Will Blow Your Brains Into Little Pieces

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Hawt-diggity-dayyymn does Blizzard know how to put together some incredible cinematics.

Starcraft II releases in only 5 days, and if this (what should be the last) trailer doesn’t get you hyped up for the game, then I honestly have no idea what will. I’m not a big RTS player, I’m not a big Starcraft fan. Heck, besides Diablo, I couldn’t even really call myself a Blizzard fan at all.

After seeing this trailer though, all I could think about is which family members I could sell off to organize a monster rig to play this game.

Hit the jump for the video, it’s fantasmic. (Highly recommended that you watch it in HD if possible)

  • Worm

    “monster rig”? is that necessary? Saw the beta at a friend’s and his pc was just “ok” compared to the stuff you get these days and it wasn’t slow at all.

  • Werner


  • koldFU5iON

    That is truly an EPIC TRAILER CANNOT WAIT!!! :w00t:

  • Uncle

    You shoulnd’t need an insane PC to run this, its not Crysis 2 🙂

    Blizzard really know how to make the best cinematics. I am always impressed by them!

  • Someone pass me a tissue….need to wipe this drool off my face.

  • @Uncle and @Worm – By Monster Rig, I mean a PC (im using a Mac laptop now, which won’t cut it) that will run the game smoothly. After being spoiled by console games for around 3 years now, I don’t think I could ever stand going back to PC games and having everything set on half-assed settings at low resolutions. Which is the story of my PC gaming life

  • red

    Well I can safely say that I won’t be playing PS3 for the next year.

  • Dark

    Nick whats your Macs’s specs? Remember SC2 is Mac compatible out of box 🙂 Specs are pretty low.

  • Wikus

    Ya I saw this on totalgamer this morning I also thought it was brilliant! I decided to try and get a pre-order to a collectors, but everywhere is sold out 🙁 I hope it’s not like WoW Collectors, where noone ever gets one due to so few.

  • Uncle

    Nick – Aren’t they doing a Mac version?

  • Yeah the game will work with Mac and PC out of the box – but my laptop is 13″ Macbook Pro and this model has shared video memory and all. So while it’s a great work machine, it’s not so hot when it comes to 3D gaming.

  • Dark

    Nick Macs are all image hahaha

  • BenJoe


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