First look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Modern Warfare 2And this ladies and gentlemen is the first look at one of the biggest expected block busters this year, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Yeah we can’t see much but least something is happening and we can see that the game is already playable in some form or another.

But this leads me into the big question I have at the moment, what is this game going to be called and why wasn’t World at War called Call of Duty 5?

Is this one going to be Call of Duty 5 : Modern Warfare 2, or Call of duty 6, How about Call of Duty 4.2 or have they have stopped putting numbers on the titles and we can just expect Call of Duty Moderner Warfare?

Oh the image above was taken by FourZeroTwo who is a blogger/employee over at Infinity Wards so we can presume it is legit.

Last Updated: February 20, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • PillsburyDeeBoy

    It appears that Infinity Ward will call they’re games Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (put number here) whilst Treyarch will call theirs Call Of Duty: World At War (put number here). Makes sense.

    This will be called COD: MW 2 whilst Treyarch’s next outing will be COD: WAW 2.

  • PillsburyDeeBoy

    their (not they’re) :blush: . Forgive me, I had a late night 😀 .

  • easy

    they should make modern warfare a separate franchise, ie strip the cod from modern warfare… that way people wont have confusion as to which game you talking about or what numerical designation it carries.

    just a thought

  • The Dude

    I remember reading somewhere that the COD games would no longer be numbered. Every new game would just recieve a subtitle.

    But i guess they gonna call this one Modern Warfare 2 cos its functions as a sequel plotwise. Just a theory.

  • Quite frankly I don’t care WHAT they name it –
    I just want this game!!! :ermm:

  • DarthPenguin

    I’m still laughing about the best possible title for it yet…

    Call Of Duty: Moderner Warfare

    That gets you 7803 Kudos right there!

  • WitWolfyZA

    Who cares lets hope to see a more tweaked engine next time

  • Well Call of Duty World at War is not really COD5, so I’m guessing CODMW2

  • i zoomed in on the guys screen it kinda looks like upheavel in cod waw with a ppsh w/ apperature … make it short looks like its fake :wassat: :wassat: :wassat:

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