Forget guns, Far Cry 4 has blood thirsty elephants

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Far Cry is never shy of dabbling in the slightly insane. In the last entry, that was almost entirely encapsulated in Vaas alone, but Far Cry 4 seems to sprinkle this insanity all around its mechanics. That’s why instead of a fancy new weapon, Far Cry 4 has weaponized elephants. Oh, hey PETA!

Far Cry 4 hasn’t kept its large, blood craving predators a secret, but a new trailer basically sums up all you need to know about using elephants to your advantage. Or why they’re working beside you. In fact, I don’t think it’s either. I think these elephants are just naturally pissed off, you you just seem to be fighting the same people.

Not only will elephants fight with you, but you can even ride nature’s tanks and ride them into battle. That already trumps any awesome drive-by shooting you could ever hope to create in any other game ever again. Shotgun loaded, elephant mounted and explosions just waiting to go off. Sounds like a tripped out Michael Bay dream.

You can check out all of the elephant mayhem below. Anyone else think that a first-person, uh, trunking game narrated by David Attenborough would be the best thing ever? Anyone? Fine.

Last Updated: September 16, 2014

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Alessandro Barbosa

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  • HvR

    Hahahah, no give me one with freaking “lazer” on its head.

  • Hammersteyn

    But Blood Dragon had the Battle Armored Dragon Assault Strike System with LAZORS. It was equipped with a hydraulically powered terror 4000 cannon and titanium trauma plates.

    • Hammersteyn

      Spoiler alert, don’t watch if you haven’t finished Blood Dragon yet.

      • JJ the Reus

        Stop talking to yourself

  • So looking forward to this game!

    • JJ the Reus

      Me too man. My hate for Uplay aside, this game is going to be awesome.

      • What’s Uplay? Tehehe

        • JJ the Reus

          It sucks out your soul, so either way, you’re fine 😉

  • Jakkels1991

    My body is ready

  • JJ the Reus

    This is one of those game that I’ll probably buy new. Of all the FarCry games so far the only one I didn’t buy on the week of release was the first, and that was only because I only heard of it later. FarCry hasn’t disappointed me yet.

    • Spaffy

      I played nr 2 before I played nr 1

  • fred

    Not so sure about this one , enjoyed 3 though. Many games this year …

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