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Back to the Future

I was thinking this morning that I really wish that the bigwigs in Hollywood would recreate the Back to The Future series… and Karate Kid but now I think I am showing my age.

Then I started browing around the net and saw that Neocrisis had posted up their top 5 games that they feel should be given a new lease in life, honestly I think there choices are terrible and none of these games should return but everyon’s got their own tastes I guess.

Neocrisis listed the following as their top 5

5. Dark Stalkers
4. Zone of the Enders
3.  Panzer Dragoon
2. Parasite Eve
1. Breath of Fire…

all pretty terrible games in my opinion but with the common theme of having leading ladies with heaving bosoms… So to my list

If I had the power I would ensure that the following games made a comeback

5. Warcraft 3.. well it would be Warcraft 4 I guess but that’s beside the point.

4. California Games

3. Leisure Suit Larry

2. Alley Cat – Annoyingly addictive game

1. Golden Axe or Double Dragon… either is fine

Honourable mentions go to

Space Quest, Police Quest, Hero Quest and Montezuma’s Revenge

So have I missed out your favourite golden oldie and if so let me know which one it was

Inspirational Source: Neocrisis 

Last Updated: February 9, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • ewie

    Only one game I want a remake, or a good sequal to.

    Star Controll II – The ur-quan masters. Now this was a game.

    The melee portion for a good xbla game or multiplayer game. And the rest as a good space RPG. Give it the interface of mass effect.


  • Lupus

    I was actually thinking Mass Effect reminded me a lot of Star Control II, still one of my all time favourite games. Man I missed so many days off “sick” to that game.

  • Lupus

    Oh and my top 5 games would be,

    5. Space Quest
    4. Dune II
    3. Warcraft II not III, I hated the Hero System
    2. Duke Nukem 3D
    1. Star Control II

  • Banana Hammock

    1. Wing Commander
    2. Star Control 2
    3. Duke Nukem
    4. Hero’s Quest.
    5. Police Quest.

  • i don’t recognize a single game on the original list you got there…

    Games i enjoyed back in the day that I’d like to see remade…

    – Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago (well they’d have to do a pretty big revamp, but i love the idea of getting clues and chasing someone around the world)

    – Gabriel Knight

    – Day of the Tentacle

    – Star Control 2

    – Jazz Jackrabbit (come on EPIC you still exist, bring JJR, back using UE3!)

  • I remember Alley Cat :silly:
    I use to play that, Battle Chess, Prince of
    Persia and Carmen Sandiego to death on my 286 back in the day 🙂
    Oh, and Midnight Rescue :biggrin:

    Remakes I wanna see? Hmmmm.
    5.Golden Axe
    4.Double Dragon
    2.Black Thorne

    Honourable mentions go to Lemmings and Little Big
    Adventure and Oddworld:Abe’s Oddysee.
    Good times 🙂
    oh ja, and a killer Blade Runner game please….

  • Rudolph

    Max Payne 🙂

  • arc316

    What about Syndicate?

  • codemonkey

    Its funny you should mention Duke Nukem 3d. I myself got very nostalgic this weekend and downloaded some updates for the game.

    You can now download a high resolution texture pack as well as 3d models (for use with the EDUKE program) , you just need the original *.GRP from the original game and you are good to go.

    I must say , playing duke like this is a completely new experience , the 3d models and high resolution textures definitely give the game a face lift , without changing the core gameplay.

    Give it a try, and you can relive duke in a enhanced form.

  • Lupus

    Syndicate rocked, I think my list would be too long then, as I’d have to throw in Dungeon Keeper, Populous and a lot more as there have been many classics in the years. Also I do agree the original list is utter rubbish, Zone of the Enders was a great look my PS2 can do this game but it had nothing else going for it. Also Breath of Fire was a meh RPG

  • Fox1

    Age of Empires :cheerful:

  • Awesome game… there are just so many to choose from but I would really love to see a new Syndicate

  • PaasHaas

    You just called “Zone of the Enders” a terrible game… Hideo Kojima spits in your face :silly:

  • someone

    2. Parasite Eve

    That’d be awesome.

  • Wolfy


    and just a minor note (“Leisure suit Larry Box Office Smash” is due for release for sometime this year)

  • Wolfy

    oddworld: Abe’s Exodus was beter

  • Wolfy

    i loved gabriel Knight. Good game

  • Jonni

    Syndicate and star-control 2. Whoever remakes those could take over the world… moohahahahahaha… moohahahahaha!
    But seriously what are they waiting for! They could remake syndicate with HD graphics, better controls, a few new weapons and release it on xbox live… everyone and his granny would buy it!

  • In a perfect world they’d do both 😉

  • I can’t believe that i completely forgot about

    – Syndicate
    – Little Big Adventure
    – Oddword/Abe games

    Need remakes of all of the above!

  • Wolfy

    Or good old fashion Carmagedon. That was awesome

    Splatter Bonus!!! :devil:

  • Nazcanlines

    GoldenAxe was just remade lazy so you can scratch that off the list, but i think it got poor reviews

  • morris

    another gabriel knight is definately called for, and space quest as mentioned already

  • Yeah but it was terrible which is why it’s still on the list… I am still waiting for a true remake

  • baba

    I want only 1 game remade: Elite.

  • Wolfy

    Or one of my old classic puzzle solving games… GRIM FANDANGO! That brings back so much childhood memories ….*sigh*

  • Wolfy

    or broken sword. i so loved the one they released back in 2003

  • Wolfy

    good luck breaking that barrier haha. i dont think you’ll see another AOE anytime time soon in the future

  • ewie

    O yes – elite, very nice vector graphic trading game.

  • Bobby Kotick

    I’ll just say two words… “Colony Wars!”

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