Gears of War 2 Gets Whole Week Of Double XP Goodness – Private Games Too

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Update: It has come to my attention [Thanks Poddle, Tracy] that XP will only be given out for private Horde sessions and not all private modes as previously stated. Dammit, that means that anyone who wants to shoot other people for XP will just have to deal with the lag.

For just a moment I am going to ignore the fact that even more awesome DLC has been blocked yet again so that I can focus on something really cool from Epic Games. (It can be downloaded using the free EvoGames VPN – If you didn’t already know this then shame on you for not listening to the Lazygamer Podcast).

For the whole of this week, ending August 3rd Gears of War 2 will be dishing out double XP. Not only are they unloading the XP for more than the usual weekend but the double XP can be earned in private matches as well as public, sweet.

The double XP week has obviously been put up as a celebration/promotion for the release of the Dark Corners/All Fronts packs that were put up on Xbox Live this week. I’m sure South Africa was invited, our invitation must have ummm, gotten lost in the mail… again.

How many of you out there managed to get the pack before it was taken down? If you didn’t, are you planning to? Let us know in the comments.

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Last Updated: July 30, 2009

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  • Roland Browning

    Got the Hidden Fronts DLC. The Deleted Chapter is a joke, especially in ‘stealth mode’.

  • Cleric

    ARGH! Why is it on the weekend that I’m taking my FG away? I wonder if she’ll hate me for cancelling on her to spend the weekend playing Gears?

    Still haven’t come right with the VPN story. Hope it works tonight, seeing as I’ve paid for All Fronts and am 99% complete downloading it.

  • Cleric

    Oops, meant GF, not FG.

  • Yeti

    FG = Fuzzy Guy?

    This isn’t good news, I want to stay on 1. Oh and how the hell do you play the deleted chapter?

  • ewie

    on the main menu – you have a option.

  • Yeti

    where it says deleted scene? it takes me to the first chapter when i select that.

  • ewie

    ? took me into the deleted scene.

  • Yeti, did you lose your save games at some point maybe?

  • If I recall correctly Yeti doesn’t normally play the single player modes of games 😎

  • Yeti

    Except for Gears no I don’t. It’s weird because it tells me it’s going to the deleted scene and it won’t affect my save games and then just loads chapter 1.

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