God of War III Trailer

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The list of reasons for the PS3 to be a must-have console in 2009 is getting longer and longer.

Kratos’s first steps into next generation gaming have been heavily anticipated for quite some time now and we finally have a solid trailer to kick things off. You will notice that the entire trailer has been made using the game’s actual graphics engine, so what you are seeing here is what you will get.

The trailer is a great reminder of how much fun the actual gameplay in God of War is. The trailer shows quite a ton of enemies on screen at once, obviously making a statement that the battles are going to be larger and more intense than before, thanks to the newer, more powerful hardware.

That being said, I must admit that I thought that the graphics were going to be a little better and a touch more detailed.

It’s not that I have unrealistic expectations, it’s just that the previous God of War games made other Playstation 2 games hang their heads in shame most of the time and even the the PSP title “Chains of Olympus” blew my mind in terms of graphics, so I really did expect a little more. The graphics are in no way bad, so don’t get me wrong, it still looks really incredible as far as next-generation titles go, it’s maybe just that there has been a lot of hype surrounding the visuals in God of War III, so I expected to have my head blown off, kind of like when we all saw that first Killzone 2 trailer back in the day.

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The game has a while to go to release though and we all know that a lot can happen between now and then.

Last Updated: February 16, 2009

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  • I said this to Nick earlier and I will say it again… I think that trailer looks absolutely awesome and I would much rather they hone the gameplay than concentrate on graphics. The Graphics look fantastic

  • yeah you graphics wh*re! gameplay FTW!

  • darthdad

    Looking good, any idea if it will be released this year?

  • DarthPenguin

    Well… the people that work on the gameplay aren’t the same people that work on the graphics… so that statement doesn’t carry that much weight…

  • Graphics? Are you sure this isn’t a pre-render?

  • DarthPenguin

    I think it is.. but who cares… we’re all gonna buy it anyways…

  • Yeah from what I’ve read it is in-game graphics. It still looks hot as hell, thats for sure and Penguin is right when he says who cares, this game is gonna be a winner unless the devs really screw things up, and I dont see that happening

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