God of War III – 1080p, no loadtimes and perfect framerate?

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Well what do we have here? This snippet has been taken out of a magazine scan that I received a link to in my inbox.

I am not sure what language we have here but thankfully the headlines are in english, click on the image to enlarge.

The simple maths equation is

1080p + No Loading + Stable Framerate = God of War III

We expected 1080p and we always hope for a perfect framerate but kicker here is that they are saying we are going to have no loading times what so ever.

The only way I can imagine them pulling this off is by preloading data in the backend while we watch the cut scenes.

Now we will have to see if they can actually pull it off.

If anyone knows what language we are looking at here maybe you can translate this particularly odd article on the same page?


Dozer/Lagz seems might happy nestled there.


Apparently the above image is confirmation that those sex mini games will be returning to keep Kratos feeling healthy.

Last Updated: February 25, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

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  • The sad thing is that this will probably never happen, it will then be turned into a huge saga and everyone will claim that it was Sony that said it.
    However I think GOW1+2 both did it how you mentioned and loaded during cutscenes.

  • Mario

    its french, the article talks about the interactive sex scenes and 1080p boobies…

  • Banana Hammock

    I’m a big PS3 and GoW fan, but i just don’t see this happening. Funny no mention of framerate. Stable at 30fps is very different to stable at 60fps. But then it’s not the type of game that really needs 60fps.

    But it also doesn’t mean much, i’ve seen 1080p games that look much worse than 720p. The game will be great regardless of it being 1080p or 720p.

    Maybe there will be a 50Gb install, that should make Lazy lose it completely :whistle:

  • BHW

    It is indeed French and they are comparing the PS3 to a great pair of tits. Most people don’t use it for what it was designed for and if you want to play with them it is going to cost you.

  • I think I would keel over and die on the spot from the stress :angry:

  • WitWolfyZA

    burp… I got no comment

  • easy

    you can not possibly put a price on playing with them all day!!
    the two little joy sticks, the slight vibration when teased, the ergonomics and the shear cosyness instills a warming deep down inside… and thats even before you’ve looked at the whole package.

    pricless. :w00t:

  • DarthPenguin

    If you were to say I’m a fanboy, you would classify me as either a Nintendo or Xbox fanboy. The PS3 is by far my least favourite console and I still don’t own one. I still think its a waste of money compared to the 360 and I still think its lineup doesn’t even compare slightly. Please don’t try change my mind here, I am very well educated and that is my opinion.

    With that in mind, I will be getting a PS3 for GOW3. Judging by their track record, I can honestly see them getting no load screens done easily. They did it with both the GOW games on the PS2, I’m sure they can do it here. We’ve seen the pre-rendered in game cutscene, and it didn’t blow our minds away. The game isn’t going to be the best thing since Super Mario Galaxy (sliced bread isn’t anything amazing to compare it to) in terms of graphics, I guarantee you now they are aiming for smooth gameplay and no loading screens.

    I’ll put money on it.

  • Fox1

    “The whole package”- That’s when disappointment sets in :cwy:

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