GT5 vs GRiD

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Here is a user made video comparing GT5 Prologue to the upcoming GRiD….

Personally I don’t want them to compete, I don’t want another SIM racing game, I am way more interested in the destruction derby screenshots of GRiD than any tweaking or painting that I can do to a car..

However that being said it does look like GRiD is going to give GT5 a run for it’s money graphically, especially during the true gameplay…

It’s a bit of a kick in the teeth for the developer of GT5 seeing as they had so much more money to throw around…

Last Updated: April 17, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • SlippyMadFrog

    I realy don’t see that as actual in-game gameplay. Compare two videos where someone is actualy playing the game, then it will be easier to compare.

  • Druss35

    Seems like BS to me, a) All the GRiD shots seem like side or front camera views, so not really “in game”, the GT5P is in SD according to the video, and it GRAN TURISMO 5 Prologue – not GRAND Turismo 5.

  • Naudran

    @Druss35: I don’t believe there will be a difference in graphics beteen GT5 Prologue and GT5.

  • UnsafestCorpse

    Is it just me or does the physics engine for GRiD look much better than GT5? I’ve always had a problem with the way cars ‘crash’ in GT games. The GRiD guys seem to have nailed it. The BMW that rolls and the desruction derby stuff looks very realistic.

  • darthdad

    If you’re looking for an arcade type of experience, then GRiD is definitely the way to go.
    But if you’re looking for a more realistic and polished racing drive sim, then look no further than GT5.

  • Fox1

    The damage model looks far better than any racing game. I won’t be surprised if GRiD has better graphics than GT5P because GT5 has being in development for so long that it looks dated.

  • Fox1

    “more realistic and polished racing drive sim”
    I see that in GRiD. It’s a game based on racing and nothing else.

  • Druss35

    @Naudran I dunno hey, there’s already an update that polishes some of the interiors for Prologue. I don’t think Prologue is exactly what GT5 is going to be when its released next year. Kazunori Yamauchi has already said that “in terms of quality and features of the game, and in terms of functionality, GT5 Prologue will ultimately reach an equivalent level to GT5.”

    With damage modeling to come, and many more updates I think Prologue is still going to evolve through the year.

  • darthdad

    Like shooting fish in a barrel…..

  • But you are also Captain IhateThePS3.

    Jinja’s last blog post..ESPN’s Top 10 Unsportsmanlike plays

  • Fox1

    You mean like a fanboy? 🙂

    Actually I have watch the GRiD developer diaries and read up the game. This game is not an arcade racer as stated above but a sim with assists to help the novice driver.

    Has anyone mentioned the 90 tracks featured in GRiD?

    The intensive damage model where the car crumples frame by frame.

    Then the ability to rewind your mishap and watch it unfold.

    The 600 AI driver personalities.

    40 000 spectators watching the on track action.

    A transition from day to night to night racing.

    Mechanical failures.

    Sounds interesting?

  • Fox1

    I read up on the game in this months PCFormat.

  • Tan365

    @Naudran .. if you ever played GT4P & GT4 you will have noticed a marked improvement i.t.o. graphics. Rather watch this space, but if anything i’m sure it would only improve

  • Milesh Bhana

    Firstly, on the budget difference side doesn’t tell the whole story. Saying that GT5’s budget is much bigger that GRID says nothing. For GT5 they are modeling 400 cars, that’s gotta take time and cost money. For GRID, it’s 50 (i think). Also GRID already had a decent chunk of the tech ready as they are using an enchanced version on the Neon engine.

    While the trailers for GRID may not be the best indicator, i do feel it will (graphically) kick the ass for GT5:P. But with GT5 only coming out in 2009, Polyphony Digital has enough time to trump it with the final version of GT5.

    I can see it now, GRID comes out, Polyphony Digital shits a brick, devs work overtime, GT5 looks awesome and so does DiRT2 🙂

  • Fox1

    By then PGR5 or FORZA 3 will be announced at least.

  • Druss35

    Xbots have Forza – Sony fanbois have GT a Nintendo have Mario Kart. Everybody’s happy – and any argument over which is better is pretty pointless……since everyone knows that Gran Turismo is the king and the rest are pretenders. 🙂

  • sabagamma

    Well hey, I just enjoyed the trailer 🙂

    I will be keeping an eye out for Grid simply because I have an XBox. They both look great, and I love the music, I haven’t heard that tune in over ten years! Really made the trailer.

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