Half Life Fan Film or Teaser Trailer

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There have been so many fan films and rumours running around about a Half Life 2 movie that it is becoming virtually impossible to believe that it isn’t going to happen.

This latest one isn’t to my tastes at all but the high level of the special effects makes me think this is more than just a simple fan movie, however that could just be put down to my absolute lack of movie making ability.

I am not a fan of handicam movies though, so if they do make one I hope it’s a real mainstream action movie.. but who would be best placed to play Gordon? Click through to see the answer


Meet Gordon House courtesy of Alexei Zakharov, now I never would have thought of Dr House as being the perfect Gordon Freeman but after seeing this I don’t know who else could possibly fill the roll.

It would add a bit of backing to the fact that Gordon can take so many shots and keep on running…

Vicodin is an amazing drug apparently.


[Thanks Cuan for the tip]

Last Updated: March 23, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • dewej

    hes not a ginger, gordon must be a ginger, its pretty cool though, either its authentic, or there is some looser out there reading this giggling like a twelve year old girl, i personaaly would love a HL movie, but it must be first person, and absolutely true to the games storyline and visuals

  • It’s probably like some film student project or tech
    demo or something. It’s very well made tho.

  • EchoZA

    Would be great to watch via an immersive headset 🙂

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