Has the RROD evolved into the E74?

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The RROD issue has plagued the Xbox 360 since it’s conception and while the problem hasn’t completely disappeared there has been a noticeable decline in it’s occurrence.

However there is a new beast in town that I personally have seen before, the previously innocuous E74 which normally meant an unseated or faulty AV cable has now become a lot more deadly.

Apparently the new HDMI models are more susceptible to this issue which is now being caused by the ANA/HANA scaling chips coming loose…

Now I have no idea what a ANA/HANA scaling chip is but a rumour about faulty manufacturing in the Xbox 360 has to be taken seriously.

Source: Joystiq

[Thanks Fox1 for the tip]

Last Updated: March 18, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • CattleBruiser

    Yep I got this the other day, was playing Fable 2 and got these weird lines all over the screen (but the game was still running behind it), menu and 2D parts of the Dashboard were fine, but my avatar also had those lines.

    Reboot Xbox and get E74.

  • Q121

    Join the club… My screen started artifacting and then i got the E74… being a 2 year old xbox I could do nothing about 🙁

    I tried the home fix but now its REALLY screwed. :blush:

  • Xbox 360’s have a 3 year warranty… that is unless you tried the home trick

  • easy

    fundamental design flaw… again!!
    totally unacceptable if it does become a wide spread problem.

  • Darthdad

    I know that the 360 has a 3 year warranty, but I’ve been told that it is only for the RROD. Do they check your machine before they take it in? If you have an E74 error message after two years, will you still be able to replace it?

  • Q121

    I was told that its 3 years for the RROD, and not the E74, that only has a 1 year…

    Could be wrong

  • RivaZA

    Yep my first 360 died this way. Was playing BioShock when the screen got all sorts of pattens and lines. At first I thought it was some kind of new plasmid power that I was being attacked with 🙂 but when I went back to the menu screen it was still there. So I went back to the dashboard and restarted the machine. It was then that I got the E74 error.

  • RivaZA

    I don’t think it will get any more wide spread then it already is. This is not a new problem and has been plaguing Xbox 360 for as long and almost as much as the RROD.

  • Darthdad

    Where you able to swap it out? Was it after one year?

  • Yip. Got that error two weeks ago on a 1 year old Arcade unit. Currently awaiting my swapout unit from MI Digital. They taking their sweet time.

  • Ah good point.. I think the 3 year warranty is only for the RROd isn’t it…

  • janrik

    I have had 3 E74 consoles so far: a PRO 20(non hdmi), a Mongoose and a Arcade.

    I have had them all swapped out for RROD/E74, no hassles.

    The one console was 14 months old.
    2 of the consoles where collected after 48 hours and I received the replacement one then.

    The mongoose took 72 hours to swap.

  • WitWolfyZa

    the 3 year warranty only covers the RROD fault if im not mistaken , read a article on N4G where a guy complained about not being able to exchange his console because it didnt cover that kinda fault

  • WitWolfyZa

    True true. My cousin’s console gave that error like a year ago. And i thought.. what the heck is this console doing now… Been around a very long time

  • WitWolfyZa

    i hate MI Digital asking R800 for RE5.. they must be freaking mad!!!

  • WitWolfyZa

    Wel luckily my second console seems to love me stukkend, because its not showing any signs of RROD or E74. And i play easily like 2-3 hours daily

  • TT25

    I have never had a RROD … Touch wood! but My console died last year October with a E74 error. Mine was sill under warranty and I managed to get a swop out!

  • It amazes me sometimes how people can say that their
    console broke 3 or 4 times BUT they swopped it out
    without a problem. The point is not returning something
    3 or 4 times with no hassles. The point is that you
    SHOULDN’T HAVE TO. But I guess that’s just me. :unsure:

  • WitWolfyZA

    Good point bro… Im making my self a promise now if the next generation of Xbox gives the same harware problems then ill be seeing myself becoming a PS supporter again

  • have tried a few different ways to fix my xBox using the youtube guides, etc… still getting the E70 error.

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