Have Ster Kinekor lost the Capcom licence?

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There is a new rumour in town and it’s a biggie, apparently according to the local forums and some emails I have received from retailers Ster Kinekor Gaming has recently lost the rights to distribute the Capcom games in South Africa.

This has the instantaneous effect of causing mass panic as this means we may not be seeing Resident Evil 5 on release date.

While I haven’t received any press releases confirming this yet it does seem like it is the case. So what now for local gamers?

Well I am sure the other distributors are scrambling over themselves to get the licence as Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter are both sure to be major blockbusters so it looks like it will be a profitable licence this year.

The usual suspects standing in line would be Megarom, Mi DIgital and The Core Group. However there have also been some rumours suggesting that Nu Metro are planning on re-entering the market in a big way and this could help them achieve that.

Other ideas are that Capcom would create a local presence themselves but this doesn’t seem likely and the worst option of the lot is that they just won’t release games in South Africa.. again a highly unlikely option.

I have sent out the obligatory emails for comment but seeing that’s it the weekend I don’t expect a response anytime soon.

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Good luck to the bidding companies and our thoughts are with SK at this time, hopefully this doesn’t have any adverse affect on their staff contingency.

Last Updated: January 31, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Scotty777

    I wonder if our government has a hand is this because of the earlier “racist” claims :ermm: :angry: :whistle: :w00t:

  • I think that may be stretching it a little far… I would say it was more than likely just that SK and Capcom were not seeing eye to eye commercially.

  • Scotty777

    hmmm, maybe, like this could be the argument:
    SK: well, we will sell the game for R1000 and have a R500 profit
    CC: ching chong cheng-(translated)—> na bro, that’s a bit high don’t you think
    SK: to high you say? TO HIGH!? this is South africa, land of the free and we will freely rob those bitches(customers) of there money!
    CC: chend nowa chong shlong dong wong!—> Wtf? why must you rip off the consumers? you will make them angry!
    SK: Sush you Jap’s!
    CC: Scwa you!
    SK:Fine, we will

    end of dialong

  • Wolfy

    Well in my opinion the controls kinda sucked for me anyways but the graphics are killer. Didnt they say they are gonna put in like a Geow2 controller setting in one of the layouts??? Im sure i read that some where….

    Anyways where there’s money to be made. There will be people making certain that they get it out there to make it happen anyways 😛

  • baba

    One word: http://www.shopto.net
    (or is that 3 words?)

  • Mike

    its gone from a 5 March release date to awaiting ETA on the BT Games site – NOOOOOOOOO!!!

  • Wolfy

    And people wanna know why piracy is so widely spread???? We staring right at the reason!

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