Have you supported Stasis and Vapour yet?

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Stasis screenshot

There are a couple local indie games I’ve talked about in my weekly indie wrap up (twice) that are seriously needing your support. One of which only has three days left on Kickstarter, so you should go throw money at it.

First up we have Vapour: Border of Purgatory on Greenlight. It’s an experimental horror game from Skobbeljak Games. You can check out their trailer:

Meanwhile, Joburg local Christopher Bischoff  has just hit the necesary $100k on Kickstarter to make Stasis. Also a horror game, this one is a point and click adventure played from an isometric view in a science-fiction universe. Now on to those stretch goals!  Check out the spooky trailer:

It’s so nice to see more local indies doing well. We really do have a thriving indie scene in South Africa, but they still need our support. So, if either of these games look like something you’d like to play, give them the funds or Greenlight support that they need.

Last Updated: December 3, 2013

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  • RyseandRepeat

    Glad to see Stasis reach it’s mark! Well done!

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      Me too, I’ve been resisting KS projects but I would have ponied up a few $ for this if needed.

    • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

      Yeah it’s actually looking pretty good

  • Vampyric Squirrel of the Sith

    That thing in space in Stasis vid looks like a giant teddy bear….

    Edit: IT IS a TEDDY!!! but it’s probably not giant

  • ET

    I really love it when local kickstarter campaigns charge us R190 shipping “because we are outside the USA”.

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