Heroes of the Storm gets a new character – Probius

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Probius, the small probe who summons the Pylon for the Protoss, is entering the Nexus today alongside some of his comrades. Heroes of the Storm is adding new characters as often as possible, and after the release of Lucio, it was time to give some much-needed love to Starcraft II. HOTS is making a small comeback at the moment with the ongoing Heroes of the Storm Global Championship attracting more viewers than ever, creating what could be a sustainable environment for the game to grow.

Probes play an important role for the Protoss race, as seen in Stacraft II. Their primary function is creating structure, farming resources and even other units. So how does a probe fit into Heroes of the Storm? Well, let’s watch and see.

It seems as if Probius will act as a support hero, perhaps creating mobility for his teammates and even offering up his beloved Pylons. Probius’ first appearance was in the Legacy of the Void trailer where he summons the final army to take on the Swarm.

We’ll have to wait and see how he is utilized, but if he functions similarly to how the probes are portrayed in SC2, I think he’ll be a fun addition to the game.  Heroes of the Storm is still struggling, in my opinion, to make it as one of the big esports. It’s in a genre dominated by Dota 2 and League of Legends, but the ongoing HGC (mentioned above) is doing wonders for title and creating some good awareness.

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