Sexiest Video Game Characters – Male

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Ladies Ladies Ladies, Last week Lazygamer himself put up a nice display of Sexiest Woman Game Characters.

So to be fair, I have done a list of Hottest Male Game Characters.

Now this is just my opinion, but I am sure I am not far off. It’s been quite difficult picking the guys. I am sure I have left some out!

All the male characters at our disposal seem to be your average buff boys… So I had to look deeper into the character and come up with a diverse opinion.

This is what I have and ladies I hope you enjoy the selection. Feel free to add names to the list.

Here are my top Hottest Guys, in no order… Ok well maybe Chris Redfield is on top of my list…

Chris Redfield – Resident Evil 5


Dante – Devil May Cry series


Cloud – Final Fantasy


Sam Fisher – Splinter Cell (the rugged look)


Vincent Valentine – Final Fantasy


Jin Kuzuma – Tekken


Last Updated: April 9, 2009

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Tracy Benson

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  • I didn’t even realise that cloud was a male 😉

    Seriously though thanks to Tracy for adding a feminine touch to the site, and for the guys the related articles may be more up your alley :pirate:

  • Tracy

    Cloud is a Male… he is just a pretty boy! Had to add him for the girls who like pretty boys!!
    As for Chris….. GRRRRRR :wub:

  • spl0it

    BEEFCAKE!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

  • Loki

    Tracy is no lady. She is in fact a 12 year old boy with a high pitched voice. No lady can pwn like that… :devil: –

  • Jin Kazuma?lol kazama. And LOL at the list.Im a metro dude,I think I wouldve been somewhere on that list :p

  • Where is Rufus from Street Fighter IV? He is proof that bigger is better baby, soooo sexy. *faint*

  • Loki


  • Lydon

    Sam Fisher – Splinter Cell (the rugged look)

    NO, just no! There’s far better rugged-lookers.

  • RogueOne

    What no Thai? :cwy:
    He’s sensitive, has a fashionable hair-style, works out and wicked tattoos.

  • James

    Agree with number 1! Kratos from God of War is surely one of the sexiest!

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