How your themes will look on the new 360 dashboard

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Gears of War Theme

One of the questions that was raised when Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox 360 dashboard was whether or not our paid for themes will be usable on the new look and feel.

Well Microsoft has confirmed that they will and has even released some screenshots of what it will look like.

We have the Gears one above and two others through the link.

I am still not sold on this though, I don’t think this is much of an improvement on the current system but I guess the proof will be in the pudding so lets see how it feels when it gets here.

Halo 3 Theme

Viva Pinata

Last Updated: July 17, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • janrik

    Frak me, but that looks awesome! 🙂

  • I’m not so sure what everyone’s problem is with the new dashboard? I think it’s awesome, it may not be “revolutionary” but if it’s easier to browse better organised then I’m all for it! also remember that they’ve probably only showed you the new revision for the dashboard, it must’ve taken a huge amount of effort to reform the dashboard and I’m willing to bet that the change was made for a more functional purpose maybe for something new that couldn’t be implemented in the previous version of the dashboard. I’m all for change I get board of things too quickly… (hence why my site changes {too} so often

  • JimBob

    Looks a lot cleaner than the existing one. It’s an improvement.

  • abe

    Meh I dunno, looks a little cheap 😐

  • onelargeprawn

    It’s much easier on the eyes. I like it. lots.

  • Jonathan

    @onelargeprawn: Didn’t you used to have a blog on NEWS24? And this new XBOX theme has nothing on the simplicity of the PS3 dash. HEHE no it looks good…

  • spargish

    The new dashboard looks really good , i just really hate the avatar thing cant i just have a gamer picture and not some retarded little animation !!

    @johnathan PS3 dashboard simple hahahaha nice joke

  • PO7H3AD

    The only thing on that whole dashboard that looks crap is the silly avatar, everything is beautiful 😀
    I hope avatars aren’t going to replace gamer pictures because there’s no way I’m losing my Liverpool logo to that thing

  • RivaZA

    I find the PS3 dash a little cumbersome compared to the 360’s. But that could also be down me having a 360 for 1.5years and a PS3 for 3 months.

  • I think it looks spiffy 😉

    I’m sure they’ll figure a way to include gamerpics (T-Shirt Logo’s?)

    doobiwan’s last blog post..The Games that made the consoles

  • Fox1

    There was a rumor going around that devs want to include unlockable Avatar clothing through achievements.

    But the problem is that I don’t even want my future Avatar owning a Shiverpool jersey… I mean Liverpool jersey :mrgreen:

  • Lydon

    It’s a done deal…that looks so awesome! It’s like the themes take centre-stage where they aren’t really as noticeable at present. I just love the whole glossy look to it too.

    Apparently we won’t be forced to have avatars. If you wish you can keep your gamerpicture. I personally will be going the avatar route, because display pictures are a little cliche’d by now. Sure, many people use avatars, but more people use display/gamerpictures 🙂

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