Guys, you won’t believe this, but I’ve gone ten months without relapsing into a buying spree for video game collector’s editions and dammit Geoff stop waving that Arkham Origins special edition in my face! inFAMOUS: Second Son is hopping on that augmented bandwagon. Here’s what you’ll find inside of them.

Cheapskates who pre-order the limited edition nab themselves the game with a “premium foil cover”, as well as access to Cole’s legacy, a series of missions that helps bridge the gap between inFAMOUS 2 and Second Son. And yes, you’re only getting this content if you buy an enhanced version of the game, or happen to have pre-ordered.


Drop some more coin, and you’ll get the Collector’s Edition which gives you the game, a different cover, eight pins, vinyl decals, a DUP patch, in-game content…and a beanie.


Not bad, and better than just some exclusive vests to accessorise with. The game is out next year, and it is one of the PS4 games that just might be worth owning when you have that shiny new console.

was reviewed on PC

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