Is Microsoft’s next big thing a Holodeck?

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It was only yesterday that I posted about Sony’s new head mounted display that it will be showcasing at TGS this year and already it seems that Microsoft has been able to leak a patent that one ups that one by turning your lounge into a Holodeck.

Well to be fair it’s not like the one from Star Trek that we all want but the idea is simplistic enough to actually make this a possibility even if it does depend quite hugely on you have a room with the correct proportions.

The idea is simple, the console or accessory will project more images onto the walls around you so that while you are playing the latest version of Halo you will not only be able to hear the covenant sneaking up behind you but if you turn your head you will be able to see him projected on to the wall.



It’s a cool idea and would make for some awesome Gears of War multiplayer experiences and some terrifying Silent Hill gameplay but in reality I can’t see how this could ever really work.

My lounge has a large window on the one side so that rules that one out and my previous lounge was open plan with the kitchen and dining room which would make the guy right behind me quite a long way back making me a sandwhich… not so scary really.

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Which is why I think this news was possibly leaked to Joystiq to try steal some of the sheen from Sony or am I just being overly suspicious this morning?

Last Updated: September 13, 2012

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